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We provide high-quality Rwanda pea-bean to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda pea-beans from family growers in the country.

Rwanda pea-bean (Phaseolus aegypticus) is one of the rarer but essential legume crops that use climbing support. In Rwanda, it doubles as a source of food and a cash-generating vegetable.  The main characteristics of this type of bean are its pods that resemble those of the sugar snap when still green. It bears round, pea-like beans that split from the pods when dry. These seeds are red or white but can be both colors at once. The legume needs climbing support for the vines to find their way to the top.  The main growing areas of the crop in this Great Lakes region’s country include the Southern and Northern provinces.

The original home of the pea bean was Latin America. It was not however until 1500 A.D. that the crop came into widespread cultivation. The species name ‘aegypticus’ was the offshoot of a kidney bean cultivar that first grew in Egypt.

We source Rwanda pea-beans from various parts of this land of a thousand hills. Our Southern and Northern province farmers have a special affinity for this climbing type of bean. We only draw contracts with family growers with less than 2 acres of land. They enrich their fields with farmyard manure. They also do away with chemical sprays to ensure that the produce finds acceptability abroad.

We harvest Rwanda pea-beans courtesy of our team of trained workers with the ability to know the maturity indicators. They go for plants with wilting or yellowing leaves. Our crew begins the picking process by snapping the pods which are by now dry. They may also opt to uproot the plant including its leaves, stems and all. In either case, they ensure that they do not lose any of the seeds by carefully handling the plant.

We dry the harvested pods of Rwanda pea-beans in our upraised racks as soon as the harvest is done. We use wire mesh that serves as a rack on the upraised ground to remove field moisture naturally. We then take the pods to the threshing point where we remove the seeds by hand.

We then pack Rwanda pea beans when they have retained a moisture level of less than 12%. We use a basic weight measure of 6.8 kilos.  There is also the 12-kilo weight measure as well as the larger 15-kilo option. We feature sturdy produce boxes in the form of cartons, crates, and baskets. We feature produce labels inclusive of the name of the produce, the packing date, the net weight and the country of origin.

We store the Rwanda pea bean in the temperature range of 0 to 5 degrees Celsius. We maintain cool, dry storage conditions that ensure that the produce does not lose any of its fresh, cured states.

We transport Rwanda pea-beans via our custom trucks that come with refrigerated interiors. You can expect the dispatch from Kigali International to reach your destination in the next one to two days after shipment.

In short, if you are after one of the climbing bean types, then our Rwanda pea-beans are a positive selection to go for. We source the produce from only Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified parts of the country. This not only guarantees quality but indicates low residual levels. We also provide the produce in the exact quantity that you request for as we always go for surplus. Regarding pricing, our rates are above reproach as we always keep them at the lowest. Make an order today!

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