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We provide high-quality Rwanda maize to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda maize from family growers in Rwanda.

Since 1960 when it first landed in the country, ikigori or maize (Zea mays) has been one of the most important commercial crops in the country. The production margins have climbed from 167,000 tons per year in the early millennium to hover around 300,000 tons by the end of 2016. The main production zones are in the north, especially Gicumbi. Other growing regions include Nyagatare, Ngoma, Gatsibo, Rutsiro, Musanze and Gisagara, among others. The government has prioritized the crop such that production margins have phenomenally risen by 213 percent in 2017 from previous years.  The country grows about eight varieties of the grain ranging from the M series (M081, M104 & M102) to KH series (KH500-46A & KH500-31A), RHM103 and Z607.

Consumption of maize offers the body ready starch. It also boosts the zinc reserves in the body to promote wound healing at 5% per serving. There are fair magnesium levels at 10 percent of the recommended daily amount, a good proportion for maintaining bone health. The manganese levels are 8 percent per serving, a competitive margin for keeping bones strong.  The vitamin department is topped by thiamine which is available at 13 percent per serving. Vitamin C comes in at 8 percent while folate is available at 11 percent of the daily needs.

We source Rwanda maize from all parts of the country especially Gicumbi in the Northern Province. Our sources grow the crop on plots of land of less than two acres. They tend after their fields with farmyard manure and dispense on the use of chemical sprays.

We harvest Rwanda maize through hand-picking means. Our harvest begins at the end of the sixth month, especially for the late maturing varieties. The cobs by now are firm and the grains milky but solid. The produce has a moisture level of 18 percent. Our experienced harvesting crew picks ears that are fully developed and have pollen. The workers gently ease off the ears from the stem with the stalks intact. They put the pollen-and foliage-enshrouded cobs in baskets in readiness for carting them off. The produce then reaches the shelling area for curing.

We shell Rwanda maize by removing the leaves and pollen. After this we extract the grains from the cobs. We lay the milky white or yellow grains on the drying mesh for curing. We may sometimes opt to sun-dry them by blowing hot steam without altering their quality. We heat the grains at 30 degrees Celsius to lower the moisture to less than 12 percent.

We offer Rwanda maize in jute bags and commercial woven sacks of 50 kilograms net weight. There are a variety of other preservative sack materials that we use that range from plastic to nylon. All the receptacles feature linings in their interiors to promote ventilation. We stick produce labels inclusive of the maize/corn cultivar, the date of packing, the total weight per package and the source country.

We store Rwanda maize at room temperature which maintains perfect curing. We maintain low moisture levels of less than 12 to 14 percent while the temperatures stay at an average of 25 degrees Celsius. The purpose of this is to reduce the onset of aflatoxin and mold.

We transport Rwanda maize to the international airport in Kigali on the same day of packing courtesy of trucks with modified environment interiors. We also opt for long-distance dispatch to the neighboring country’s port of Dar-es-Salam as expeditiously as possible.

In short, we help bridge the gap for your supplies of one of the staple grains of the land of a thousand hills, namely Rwanda maize. Whether you want corn or one of the eight white varieties, we have got you covered from around the country. We source the grains from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers as a guarantee of quality. No matter the tens of tons you request from us, we will readily supply them as we have a vast network of farmers who produce a surplus. Our prices are also quite low to match your budget. Make an order today!


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