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We provide high-quality Rwanda millet to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda millet from family growers in the country.

As one of the oldest domesticated crops, Rwanda millet (Pennisetum glaucum) or uboro in Kinyarwanda is an important food security crop. The cereal serves in many spheres of life from making beer in traditional ceremonies to producing daily porridge breakfast for children and adults. It is resistant to harsh climate, a reason it is accessible in many districts of the country. Burera leads in the trial of diverse cultivars that help to sustain the crop despite changing weather patterns.  In 2011, the country produced over 53000 tons of the cereal.

Millet had origins in the African savannah before the age of modern man. It has now found distribution throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle-east and Asia.

Consuming millet products like bakery or porridge is a leeway into heart health and optimal blood pressure. The grain also helps treat coronary artery disorder, minimizes the chances of developing colon cancer and has anti-diabetic potential. Its main attributes include antioxidants that keep cells free of toxins.

We source our Rwanda millet from family growers in Burera district, among other parts of the nation. Our sources grow the cereal for mainly subsistence and liquor production purposes while surplus goes to the market. We interact with farmers with less than 2 acres where they intercrop maize, sorghum and millet. By relying on only farmyard manure and low application of chemical sprays, there is little contamination on the produce.

We harvest Rwanda millet at early maturity of between 6 and 12 weeks from the date of planting. There are also late maturing varieties that take half a year to be ready to harvest. Our produce agents guide the farmhands to only go for plants with a height of above 1.7 meters.  The workers use sickles to hold up the chaff heads while the stalk cutters slash the stalks. The harvested grain heads then go via carts to the curing shed.

We cure or dry Rwanda millet by exposure to the sun on upraised racks. We thresh the produce after a couple of days of curing. We use rolling pins over the chaffs caught between tarpaulins. The essence is to release the seeds from the stalks, chaff and the leaves. We employ women workers to do the winnowing which follows threshing. Alternatively, we employ the faster artificial fans that blow the light specks from the grains and leave only the crystal clean seeds.

We pack Rwanda millet in gunny bags and woven sisal sacks. Our basic unit weight is 50 kilograms per package. All our bags feature internal linings that provide perfect modified temperature environment to deter dehydration during transit. We stick the appropriate produce labels that include: the source of the produce, the packing date, the net weight, the destination and the variety.

We store Rwanda millet at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature we use is 5 degrees Celsius. We maintain a cool, dry environment that is free of light and full of ventilation.

We transport the millet cargo to the airport in Kigali on the same day of packing via smart trucks with modified environment interiors. You can await the fresh cargo in your destination in the next 1 to 2 days from the departure date.

In short, if you are after one of the most important grains in Sub-Saharan Africa, then our Rwanda millet fits the description. As we only obtain it from family growers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) credentials, you are assured of quality. We carry out phytosanitary handling right from drying to threshing and packing as our workers wear PPE. We reserve your correct quantity by the due date to prevent the last-minute rush. We also offer very competitive prices for your specific budget. Make an order today!

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