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We provide high quality Ethiopia wheat to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia wheat from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia wheat is the number one in production levels in Africa. It grows under rain-fed conditions and it is the fourth most essential crop after maize in the nation. In spite of being the major source of the cereal on the continent, the country still relies heavily on imports because of the importance of the grain in local food. Wheat may have originated in southern Turkey or Asia Minor around 10,200 years ago.

Wheat consists of about 339 calories per serving, thus meaning it is one of the leading food crops in Ethiopia. The durum variety comes with a 19 percent of the daily value of iron for oxygen transportation in blood. Just like maize, it has magnesium levels of above 30 percent or specifically 36 percent, while its vitamin B-6 for metabolic nutrient breakdown is 20 percent of the daily value. The crop has very low fat of below 3 percent levels.

We source Ethiopia wheat from four key regions of the country. These include Amhara and Tigray in the northern-central and northern regions respectively. The Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP) regions and Oromia to the south are our other sources.

We provide two varieties of Ethiopia wheat. The first one is the durum type. This consists of brownish grey grains. It is in common use locally for baking foodstuff including homemade wheat bread. We also have the white wheat which goes into the commercial production of bread. The latter is 35 percent of the total cereal in the country while the durum cultivar is 65 percent of the total production levels.

We harvest Ethiopia wheat after monitoring the gradual alternation of color from green to gold. We usually wait until the grains have achieved a firm texture from pressing while still in their chaffs or heads. We only start the harvest after the heads have drooped a little down just like maize ears do when ready for harvest.

We use hand means to snap off the chaffs holding the seeds. We also use sharp cutlery that are disinfected. These include pruners, sickles and scythes. Our well trained farmhands usually cut the chaff a little bit from the base of the head and then stow them into the waiting baskets. We then dry them in an open aerated shed in sheaves, in reediness for threshing.

After harvesting, we keep the wheat under drying sheds to reduce the moisture to the recommended level of 14 percent. The next step is usually that of threshing. This involves manual rubbing by gloved hands or use of machine threshers. We then transport the chaffs containing the seeds into the winnowing areas and remove impurities by pouring into containers repetitively until only the grains remain. We do this with a running fan to enhance the removal of the light specks.

We pack Ethiopia wheat in polypropylene, jute and polythene bags of diverse sizes. We also have gunny bags that can contain large sizes. We also have small atta-packs of as little as 5 kilograms. However, we mostly deal in 50, 90 and 100 kilo grain bags. We pack the sacks in silos in readiness for transportation.

We store Ethiopia wheat grains under temperatures of below 15° Celsius. This is in a vacuum sealed container because oxygen may cause the grains to deteriorate. We keep the grains in sealed buckets in readiness for transportation. We use precooled transportation trucks that keep the grains in good aerated conditions throughout the journey.

If by now you are seeking for raw cereals for your bread making, look no further than the largest producer of wheat in Africa, Ethiopia. We supply Ethiopia wheat in custom and standard bag sizes to our Middle-east and Europe clientele. We source our cereal from northern and southern parts of the country where farmers grow them under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Our prices are custom and reflect your budget. Make an order today!

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