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We provide high quality Ethiopia barley to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia barley from family growers from Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia barley, which, like its cousin wheat, is from the grass family, is the top crop in most highlands of Ethiopia. It grows under cultivation and rain-fed conditions in these parts. Its main use is for processing malt which is a sweetener for beer and other refined drinks. It is important in industrial confectionary markets as it is healthier than refined sugar and often substitutes it for sweetening processed foods. Its origin is in Southern Europe and northern Asia about 8000 B.C.

We source Ethiopia barley from the North Shewa area of Amhara in the north-central parts of the country. The locals refer to it as the king of the crops. The Amharic name is gebsye ehil nigus (king of plants), a testament to being the very first crop one is likely to find in a family grower’s plot even before wheat or coffee. Our sources feature it in foods that range from pita, ingera, dabo, kinch, shorba and genfo, among others. The locals usually roast the grains or mill it to make various dishes or alternatively use it as garnishing. We source from family growers with no more than 1.5 hectares of land. They usually grow it organically with no chemical sprays and by the use of compost manure.

The health benefits of Ethiopia barley include the control of gastritis, bone fracture repair, and for improving the health of breastfeeding mothers in the country. Each serving provides a total dietary fiber of 68 percent of the daily value for good digestion. The protein content is 24 percent of the daily requirements. The calorie count is 354, a reason why most households use it as food from its energetic make up.

We harvest Ethiopia barley by cutting the top chaffs. The heads will have drooped a little to the side, a signifier of maturity. We use sharp cutlery to cut the chaffs and then bundle them up in sisal baskets. These then go to the packing sheds where we sort them from the irritating awns. We then thresh them into grains that then pass them through winnowing. The latter stage is for clearing any impurities like debris, unhealthy seeds and sand. We do this by pouting the threshed grains below a revolving fan to separate light specks from the main grains.

We sort Ethiopia barley to meet World Health Program (WFP) stipulations. We keep away any contaminants, chaff, other mixed grains, soil debris and sand before packing. Our grains come in bright, polished appearance and smell naturally. They are also clear of any pests as we store them in dry form of at least 14 percent to prevent rotting and insect infestation.

We pack Ethiopia barley grains in polypropylene bags that have undergone UV treatment, which means they are resistant to sun effects. The bags are strong enough to keep the fresh produce unspoiled even if they fall up to six times as recommended by WFP. We label the bags clearly with indications of the name of the produce, source and our company name. We also indicate the net weight.

We store Ethiopia barley at temperatures of below 15° Celsius. This way they can store for more than six months. We also keep the water content at between 8 an 14 percent. We use controlled interior environment vehicles to transfer the produce to the neighboring port of Djibouti. The delivery to your destination takes place in the space of a few days depending on your location.

If you would like to avail fresh cut barley from Ethiopia, you can start today using our custom prices that we tailor to suit your budget. We offer quantities that reflect your total needs in terms of multiple tons. Since we obtain our chaffs from family growers who follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), you can expect a supply of extremely healthy, impurities-free shipment. Make an order today!

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