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We provide high quality Ethiopia pulses to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia pulses from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia pulses broadly refer to leguminous crops that grow for food and for oil. The most common ones are dry beans and pod beans. They range from lentils, chickpeas, cowpeas, pigeon peas and dry common beans, among others. Each pulse can yield between a single and a dozen grains that also go under the name of seed. They undergo harvesting when they are green in most cases. They are rich sources of protein, fix nitrogen into the soil and reduce carbon emissions in the environment.

Pulses are highly essential for body building nutrients. They also consist of high dietary fiber and select vitamins. In processed forms, the oilseeds consist of nutritious vegetable fat. One of the most important of all oils is that of soybean which is common in use throughout the world.

We source Ethiopia pulses from all parts of the country. We source the pea crops from the central Rift of the country, particularly Harraghe. As for lentils, we obtain them from the heart of the Oromia region. The rest are distributed across northern Ethiopia in Tigray and the coffee-growing southwest. Our family growers usually cultivate the crops under 1.5 hectares. They employ responsible farming methods with little or no farm sprays and practice the application of only farmyard manure.

White Pea Beans

We source white pea beans from the central parts of Amhara. These beans, as the name suggests, are whole white and egg-like. We only pack them when they have dried and contain a moisture content of 14 percent and below. We pack them at a purity of 99 percent in half bushel produce boxes that can contain 15 pounds per package.

Red Kidney Beans

We source our kidney beans from mainly the Oromia region of the country. These red whole beans come in appealing red colors that are uniform throughout. They consist of only 14 percent of moisture content as they undergo careful drying before packing. We pack them in 15-pound produce boxes and comes sometimes in 12 to 14 kg crates.

Chick Peas

Our sources for chickpeas include the Oromia, Tigray and Amhara regions. We sell 99 percent purity level peas that have undergone maximum sorting. We also ensure they are defumigated against any pests before the shipment. We pack Ethiopia chickpeas in two modes. These include 12 and 14 kilogram produce box packages.

Split Lentils

We also offer split lentils. We source the crop from the Oromia region which is a source of both red and other types of lentils. We pack the split lentils in 500 grams and a maximum of 4.5 kilos produce boxes. Each shipment consists of 99 percent purity levels while all the lentils are healthy.

Soya Beans

We source our Ethiopia soya beans from the northern Shoa or Shewa region of the country. It is a highly nutritious bean that makes porridge that is common in many parts of the country. Soybean oil is another byproduct of this oilseed. We pack raw soybeans in 12 to 14 kilo produce boxes ready for export.

We keep all our Ethiopia pulses under temperatures of between 0 and 1° Celsius though this can change from one pea to another. We also transport the produce under the same temperatures via controlled environment vehicles. You can expect the shipment to reach your destination a day or two by air and a little longer by sea.

Thus, if you are looking forward to the best Ethiopia pulses, do not hesitate to get in touch today. Our pulses come from various parts of the country principally Oromia and Amhara. We only obtain them from cooperatives or individual farmers with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. Our quantity parameters change from one pulse to another but they all reflect your total tonnage requirements. We offer custom prices that meet your specific budget. Start by making an order today!

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