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Ethiopia sorghum (Sorghum biolor (L.) Moench) is one of the important food security grain crops that thrive even in drought-stricken areas. In the country, the plant grows on mid-level altitudes. Of the 1.7 million hectares under production, only 13 percent goes into export. The bulk features in homes as food while 7 percent undergoes processing for commercial products. Each farm in the country has the potential to produce around 2.1 metric tons of the cereal per hectare, which may increase if more effort goes into the crop. The country is also the second biggest producer of the cereal on the continent. The original home of sorghum is the horn of Africa between 5000 and 8000 years ago and this may have been Ethiopia.

Sorghum consists of around 329.1 calories which makes it an energy-rich food produce. In Africa, sorghum porridge is a chief source of energy. The protein levels are also quite high at 10.6 grams per serving of 100 grams of the grain. It also has a good amount of potassium for keeping the charged or electrolyte part of blood balanced at 363 milligrams per 100 grams.

We source Ethiopia sorghum from the south and southeastern parts. The eastern areas are relatively dry and have a high potential because it is the only food crop that thrives well there. Our family growers cultivate around 0.5 to 1.5 hectares in intercropped form with other cereals like maize. Their cultivation methods are organic and involve no pesticide spray and show high reliance on farmyard manure.

We use produce agents to guide family growers and trained workers to harvest Ethiopia sorghum. We use hand means by the aid of sharp cutlery to cut the standing stalk of the crop containing dozens of seed chaffs on top. Each chaff consists around 16 to 20 percent of moisture content at the state of picking. We normally dry the harvest to bring the hydration levels to minimum and maximum thresholds of 12 and 14 percent.

Locals usually thresh their harvests by pounding the grains with mortar and pestle in the rural parts of Ethiopia. On our part, we thresh Ethiopia sorghum by both hand rubbing and machine threshing. We then clean the chaffs and sands through a careful winnowing process. We only winnow when the grains have achieved a good dehydrated level of 12 percent moisture. Threshing by hand by a team of 35 workers can bring 300 to 400 kilos of sorted grains per day. We usually employ more workers to expedite the process.

We then clean the now pure grains after winnowing is over. We use forced air to keep the density of impurities like sands and fine gravel at a minimum. We also use magnets to remove any foreign metal that may have lodged between the grains.

We pack Ethiopia cleaned and winnowed sorghum in jute sacks. We also have fabric and perforated polypropylene bags. The other kinds of packages include cotton and multiple-layer paper bags. Before using the sacks, we disinfect them or buy new ones in time for packing. We keep between 50 and 90 kilograms per pack. You can also order a custom size depending on your needs.

We store Ethiopia sorghum under a cool, dry interior environment to keep the crop that is prone to rodents and weevils in a fresh uninfected state. We keep the temperatures at around 4° celsius under dry warehouse conditions. We also transport the grains in the same controlled temperatures in special purpose trucks. You can expect the shipment to arrive at your destination by air 1 to 2 days after dispatch while by sea this can take longer.

In short, we are your best source of Ethiopia sorghum that undergoes routine post-harvest and packing handling. We source our cereals from much of the eastern and southern eastern parts of the country. Family growers who also keep livestock grow the plants under traditional means and possess Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates through cooperatives. You can request for multiple tons of the cereal which we will be ready to supply as our prices are among the lowest in the market. Make your order today!

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