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We provide high-quality Rwanda yams to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh yams from family growers in the country.

Rwanda yam (Dioscorea) or igikoro in Kinyarwanda is one of the premium tuber crops in the country. It is third to Irish potato and sweet potato in the order of production levels. Due to its relative scarcity, it costs more than the sweet potato. The average price for a yam in Kigali is 500 Rwandese Francs in comparison with 250 Rwandese francs for the other more consumed tuber. All parts of the country produce the crop, but the Western and Southern provinces lead in total output. In appearance, the underground corm has an oblong shape. It can be as small as a dwarf potato or as large as a football and weigh 60 kilograms. The original home of the yam was Asia.  Africa now provides 95% of the global needs of the crop.

Consumption of the yam offers some 118 calories which are about 9 percent of the daily needs of starch. Eating igikoro also promotes good bone structure courtesy of 5 percent of the daily value of magnesium. Its dietary fiber, which is essential for proper digestion clocks in at 16 percent per serving. There is also vitamin C at 28 percent, a good enough margin for keeping the body free of diseases. The vitamin B-6 level is 15 percent of the daily value, a proper amount for metabolism functions.

We source Rwanda yams from Southern Province where 7 percent of farmers grow it and Western Province where 6 percent cultivate it. We only draw contracts with family growers with less than two acres. They manage the crop under farmyard compost. Our sources also practice responsible agriculture and use chemical sprays only sparingly.

We harvest Rwanda yams on the seventh month after the date of planting. We may also have to wait three more months for the late maturing cultivars. We do the harvest in the space of 1 to 2 months from the onset of the wilting of the leaves. Our well-trained workers employ garden forks to ply the soil and then use gloved hands to pull out the roots from the prepared ground. The first harvest offers the largest tubers, and it is usually the most essential. The second harvest of 90 days interval is less productive as mostly small tubers come out.

We clean Rwanda yams soon after scraping the dirt off with blunt edges. We do not use water to keep out the rot. We use brushes to extract any stubborn dirt and a blunt knife to scrape along the hairy skin. All the cleaning takes place under hygienic conditions: our workers wear gloves and sterilize the cutlery before the job starts.

We pack Rwanda yams in an automated manner to reduce contamination. We use horizontal cartons with telescopic covers. Each of the film-lined cartons has a capacity for 23 kilograms of the corms, which we arrange in a single layer to prevent injury-causing friction.  Given that the delicate skins are prone to bruises, we only use manual means to load the packages onto trucks. We label each with apt details of the name, net weight, packing date and the country of origin.

We store Rwanda yams at 12 degrees Celsius, but we also round it off to 15 degrees Celsius during cold weather. We do not cross below the 12-degree mark to offset chilling injury. We also countercheck that no piece is rotten to prevent contamination of the rest.

Our transportation of Rwanda yams to Kigali International is a careful affair which we undertake with special trucks with modified environment interiors. Your cargo leaves on the same day of packing and touches down at your city in a day or two.

Whether you are after small or large tubers, we guarantee the delivery of fresh quality Rwanda yams to your destination by your order date. We only source the produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified areas of the country. We maintain proper quantity by being in cohesion with thousands of farmers who produce a surplus. In the price department, you can expect very affordable rates from us. Make an order today!


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