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We provide Rwanda Irish potatoes to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda Irish potatoes from family growers in the country.

Rwanda Irish potato, common as uburayi or ibirayi in Kinyarwanda is among six major staple crops in this country in the Great Lakes region. It grows in small-and large-scale in Northwestern Rwanda. So important is the plant that the government earmarked it under the Crop Intensification Program (CIP) of 2007 to ensure that it gets maximum production. This small nation is the number 3 biggest producer of potatoes in Africa.

The potato reached Rwanda in the early part of the 20th century courtesy of missionaries from Germany. From that time, the crop has seen a reach of 70,000 farmers who grow it singly or under cooperatives.  The country has a per capita consumption rate of 125 kilos per individual which makes it as next to maize in calorie intake margins in the country. It got the name ‘ibirayi’ from its source as it translates as ‘that which comes from Europe.’

The Irish potato is a must have for food security reasons. It is high in starch and rich in minerals. Besides, vitamin C which gives immunity is also present at high margins, for a tuber, at 32 percent of the daily value. Vitamin B-6 is available at 15 percent of the daily requirements, a good enough margin for promoting cell metabolism. The level of potassium which regulates blood pressure is available at 12 percent per serving.

We source Rwanda Irish potato from the northwest of the country. Here, family growers cultivate different varieties that range from Kinigi to Kirundo, Mabondo to Sangema and Cruza. On our part, we only draw contracts with sources with less than two acres of land which they manage organically with farmyard manure. They also spare on pesticide use to prevent harmful residual buildup in the tubers.

We harvest Rwanda Irish potatoes after the foliage has changed from pale green to brown. Some, if not all, of the leaves will have wasted away and fallen by this time. Our produce agents direct the harvesting team to wait for half a month from the first date of browning of the leaves before they can unearth the tubers. The simple reason is that with the diminished uptake of nutrients after the drying of the leaves, the tubers will gain thick skin that will keep them bruise-free during the harvest.

We remove the potatoes from the soil using garden forks. After shaking off the soil, we put them into burlap sacks before delivery to the packing area.

We keep Rwanda Irish potatoes in a low humidity environment for low-temperature drying/curing. We may decide to hasten the curing stage by the use of artificial air dryers at the temperature of between 7 and 16 degrees Celsius. The main aim is to remove the moisture and enhance the shelf life of the produce.

We then go on and sort the potatoes by their sizes and their healthy appearance. We cull any piece that has a twisted shape. The best-graded ones are sizable, free of wrinkles and bruise-free.

We pack Rwanda Irish potatoes in perforated polyethylene bags that prevent dehydration during transit. Our other carrying materials include wooden and plastic crates that feature air vents.  There are also gunny bags that we buy new for the purpose. We provide the potatoes in the weight capacities of 50 kilos. We feature produce labels including the name/cultivar, net weight, packing date, and the country of origin.

We store Rwanda Irish potatoes at the ideal temperature of between 3 and 4 degrees Celsius for the urgent cargo. For prolonged stay cargo, we keep a 10-degree Celsius level. Depending on the duration of storage, we lower this level by 2 degrees Celsius every seven days.

We use special trucks with modified environment interiors to transport Rwanda Irish potatoes to the airport in Kigali. You can expect the packages to reach your destination in the next one to two days after dispatch.

We are therefore your one-stop-source of Rwanda Irish potatoes right from some of the 70,000-strong family growers in the country. We source them from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources. The produce grows at a high altitude of between 1800 and 2700 meters above sea level. We also maintain quantity by having regular and reliable supplies from all over Rwanda by our dedicated farmers. Our prices are also meager for this staple crop in the region. Make an order today!


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