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We provide high-quality Rwanda air yam to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda air yams from family growers in the country.

Rwanda air yam (Discorea bulbifera) is a form of potato that grows rapidly on climbing vines. It might increase in size at eight inches on a daily basis under proper conditions. The plant’s vines ease their way to the nearest high canopy within no time. Most of the true yams from the plant come from the underground, but there are also small nodules that sprout on the stems and thus the term ‘air yam’ or ‘air potato.’ Though it is smaller than the yam itself, it is nevertheless among the most cultivated tubers in Africa. It is a culinary inclusion in roasted, boiled, steamed or fried form.

With its high starch levels, the air yam is as much an energy resource as the true yam. It also provides potassium for proper diuretic functions in the body at 23 percent of the daily value. The dietary fiber margin stands at 16 percent of the daily needs. This keeps digestive functions in the gastric system stable. Some of the uses of the air yam are in the cure of some ailments. Many folk medicine users ingest the extract from the yam to get relief from diarrhea and dysentery. Some people also use the tuber in the alleviation of conjunctivitis disorder.

We source Rwanda yams from Southern Province and Western Province. We only deal with family growers with less than two acres of land. This little patch of land is easy to manage and a secret to the healthy nature of the produce: only farmyard manure goes into the soil for enrichment, and there is virtually no application of harmful pesticides.

We harvest Rwanda air yams in two methods. The first one is the cutting off the visible small yams from the stems. The main one is uprooting the tubers from the ground using hand means. We remove the soil from around the plant with garden forks. In all our harvests, we use sterilized cutting equipment primarily for the tubers above ground to prevent rot caused by injuries.

We pack Rwanda air yams in a loose format. The smallest ones have an 11-kilo capacity while the largest have 23-kilo measure. We use horizontal fiberboard cartons with interior paper linings to preserve the produce. We stick the appropriate produce labels inclusive of the name/cultivar, the date of packing, country of origin and the destination.

We store Rwanda air yams at the temperature range of 12 to15 degrees Celsius. This gives the tubers a freshness index, also called ‘dormancy’ of 6 months unspoiled. Lower temperatures may lead to chilling injury. We also countercheck the packages to confirm that all corms are bruise-free as any bad piece may affect the rest.

We transport the cargo of air yams to the airport in Kigali expeditiously via our special trucks with controlled environment interiors. Give or take, the dispatch will touch down at your destination in the next one to two days after departure.

If choice tubers are what you are after, then you may as well start with our quality Rwanda air yams that are exotic in the country. You get our quality guarantee from the fact that all the produce thrives under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. Besides, we provide you with a 24-or 48-hour delivery window. We keep your right quantity in check by liaising with our family sources to produce enough right from the beginning of the order. On the question of price, we offer the lowest rates that reflect your budget. Make an order today!



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