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We provide high-quality Rwanda sweet potatoes to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda sweet potatoes from family growers in the country.

Rwanda sweet potato is one of the most nutritious tubers available in Sub-Saharan Africa. It comes from various parts of the country including the potato-rich Northwestern Rwanda. This nation in the Great Lakes region is, in fact, the number three biggest consumer of the crop on the continent. Nine out of ten families grow the crop in their backyards.

The sweet potato originated from Peru 8000 years ago. It came to Rwanda through missionaries in the early part of the 20th century. It is now one of the most cultivated plants on the land with very high production capacity.

Eating the sweet potato is an easy way to gain good eyesight as the tuber has perhaps the highest vitamin A content of any crop at 438 percent of the daily value. The colorful skin with white or orange flesh is the primary indicator of the presence of beta-carotene which aids in improving eyesight. The energy-rich tuber provides some 86 calories in each serving. Vitamin B-6 which promotes cell metabolism is also available at 10 percent per serving. The level of dietary fiber for proper digestion clocks in at 12 percent of the daily needs.

We source Rwanda sweet potatoes from the northwestern region. Here, family growers cultivate both the orange-and white-fleshed varieties. They use organic manure on their 2-acre farms to ensure that the produce grows naturally. They also reduce the use of chemical sprays to maintain the residual levels.

We harvest Rwanda sweet potatoes at the onset of leaf wilting. We also pick them when the leaves have turned yellow. This takes place around 3 to 4 months from the planting date of the vine cuttings. We provide a grace period of one to two weeks after yellowing starts so that the corms can turn out large. We use garden forks to burrow the soil around them and then unearth the tubers by hand. We place every corm into a burlap sack for carting away to the sorting shed where hygienic post-harvest handling takes place.

Sorting begins by placing the pieces into a rotating conveyer belt. Our workers easily pick out the largest sizes with superior quality as they rotate. They also keep out any dwarfed or injured pieces. They trim the roots of the largest and medium-sized corms which are grades 1 and 2.

We clean the harvested Rwanda sweet potatoes inside dump bins. We immerse them in sterilized water that prevents the formation of mold. We immediately remove the dark-red tubers from the purified water for drying. We air dry or sun-dry them depending on the urgency of the order. We also scrape off any clinging dirt with brushes before packing.

We pack Rwanda sweet potatoes in wooden or plastic crates. We also have gunny bags for the purpose. The cartons come with a capacity of 11.3 and 22.6 kilos. The horizontal cartons consist of the right measurements to enhance portability. We also provide packets of just 4.5 kilograms that have polyethylene linings inside. We keep B-size corms in bags of weight capacities of 1 kilo each. We stick produce labels including the name/cultivar (white or orange flesh), the packing date, country of origin and the net weight.

We store Rwanda sweet potatoes at the temperature mean of 14 degrees Celsius. We also maintain their deep flush of the dark red skin by storage in dimly-lit areas. We transport them to the airport in Kigali on the same day as the harvest via our special trucks with modified environment interiors. You can expect the cargo to reach you in just a day or two after dispatch.

We are therefore your ideal provider of Rwanda sweet potatoes straight from family growers. We ensure that all our produce comes from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources, which is in itself a guarantee of quality. We fulfill the quantity mandate by always having a surplus from our many farmers. Importantly, we keep the prices low and manageable for every buyer including local and international. You can, therefore, start by making an order today!

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