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We provide high-quality Rwanda beetroot to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda beetroot from family growers in Rwanda.

Rwanda beetroot (a part of Beta vulgaris genus) is the culinary taproot of the beet plant. It has many uses, many of which being food-related. It also makes food colors and produces medicine for fever and constipation treatment. Both the leaves and roots are edible. The plant itself has pink stems with many leaves that surround the underground tubers. Though a relatively new venture in this country in the Great Lakes region, beetroot is gaining recognition and many farmers are embracing it. Particular areas like Busoga in the Northern Province are taking steps to produce the crop in large-scale. The beet fruit is the source of a red type of wine that the locals call karisimbi.

Consuming beets or beetroot is essential for dietary needs especially digestion. Dietary fiber which promotes digestion has the highest recommended daily amount in the plant at 11 percent. Potassium which regulates blood pressure and balances blood electrolytes comes next at 9 percent per serving. The next nutrient is immunity-giving vitamin C at 8 percent of the daily value. Vitamin B-6 which keeps cell metabolism functioning is next at 5 percent per serving.  There is also carbohydrate levels of 3 percent, iron at 4 percent and calcium at 1 percent.

We source Rwanda beetroot from family growers with an average of 1 to 2 acres of land. Most of these come from Musanze district in the Northern Province where the cultivation of the crop has caught up. They enrich the soil with farmyard manure and do not apply chemical sprays.

We do the harvesting of Rwanda beetroot after 50 to 70 days from the planting date. This is the time when the leaves will have attained a length of 6 inches. The farm workers uproot it by taking hold of the leaves and edging off the shallowly clinging bulbs from the ground. In cases where the soil is firm and rocky, our workers come armed with hoes and forks to make uprooting easier.

We then clean Rwanda beetroot by applying a dry brush on their surfaces. If the corms are quite dirty, we use a little amount of purified water to clean them. We then dry them in the sun. We then sort the corms by size, firmness, vibrant color and bruise-free skin. We discard the rest which has blemishes.

We pack Rwanda beetroot in various forms ranging from produce crates to trays, bags, and cartons. Our produce boxes come with polyethylene linings in their interiors to maintain freshness of the produce. We offer basic weight capacity of 11.3 kilograms. We also have double that measure at 22.6 kilograms for the largest packages. We touch off the packing phase by attaching self-adhesive produce labels of the name of the produce, its packing date, the net weight, country of origin and company logo.

Alternatively, you may also ask for beet leaves. We provide them in herb cartons in bundles of between 5 and eight pieces. Each carton can hold between 6 and 12 bundles at a go. We help prolong the shelf life of the beets by placement of top ice inside the cartons.

We store Rwanda beetroot at the wide temperature range of freezing point (0 degrees) and 10 degrees Celsius. We keep the leaves in airtight boxes and the roots in sealed boxes during the temporary storage to maintain fresh quality.

We transport the cargo to the airport in Kigali on the same day of packing via our refrigerated vehicles. You can expect the dispatch to touch down in your destination in the next 1 to 2 days from departure time.

In short, you can now avail Rwanda beetroot grown in the mild climate of the northern districts of this land of a thousand hills. We source the produce from only Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. We also reserve quantity that aligns to your volume request by having plenty of farmers who produce a surplus for the order. Our prices reflect your budget as they are both fair and competitive. Make an order today!

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