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We provide high-quality Rwanda veal to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh cut Rwanda veal from family herders in the country.

A good portion of the 1.6 million cattle in Rwanda is of tender age. They serve as the source of our Rwanda veal, the meat product from calves. The country’s calving rate fluctuates between exotic and indigenous breeds. The exotic cattle calve as early as 29.1 months of age while indigenous Ankole longhorns calve at 40.2 months. Though the death rate for calves at birth is high, measures like disease prevention and proper feeding are alleviating the situation in Rwanda.

We source our calves for the production of Rwanda veal from the country’s Eastern Province and other cattle-rearing regions. Our herding farmlands in Nyagatare keep between 5 to 10 calves for every double the number of cows at a time. We ensure that the calves have had no history of disease before sourcing them.

Our Rwanda veal comes to you after careful phytosanitary slaughtering, preparation and packing. We check the condition of the abattoirs and slaughtering conditions via the supervision of officials from Rwanda Agriculture Livestock Inspection and Certification Services (RALIS). Even our packing is wholly automated: we use mechanical systems to convey the meat via conveyors for artificial wrapping to minimize human contamination.

We offer a range of prime cuts for our Rwanda veal, namely:

The forequarter cuts: out of the front carcass of the calf comes the cubed steak. This is a fine slice from the tender foreleg of the animal without the bone. It comes in a chop/rack in the shape of a cone that many confuse with bacon after roasting. We also do the cut in the form of a meticulous rack that shows off some part of the ivory-white bone peeking out of the meat enshrouding it. From the leg also comes the Round. It is a muscle-and tendon-made steak from the whole leg. It has no bone but it is distinctive from the fact that it comes with the sumptuous-looking hairless skin.

The hindquarter: out of the rear carcass, our Rwanda veal presents the sirloin. This is the T-bone-enshrined tender meat from the hip bone. It has some inner organs intact especially from the soft waist area of the growing animal. There is also the kidney chop that not only harbors the named organ but includes the sternum meat and parts of the loins. There is also the loin to go for. It comes in the form of a chop right from the tenderloin as well as the surrounding muscles. It does a great job when roasted.

We pack Rwanda veal automatically via a belt system that conveys the cut meat to the delicatessen-style freezers for packed storage. We pack the cubed cuts in plastic trays that take its shape tightly. The trays feature polyethylene linings that help to retain the meat’s freshness. We vacuum seal each tray by strapping tight film across the top to prevent air entry. We also have full carcass bags made of transparent white polythene with designate meat labels superimposed on top. All our calf meat comes with clear labels of the date of packing, the net weight, the expiry date, the name of the meat and the country of origin.

We store Rwanda veal in freezer bags inside our deli-style cold room racks. We keep out light from the storage rooms and maintain freshness with airtight boxes. We transport the veal via our refrigerated trucks with licenses from the Ministry of Health on the packing date. You can expect the dispatch to reach you in a day or two depending on your part of the world.

In short, if you are after tender meat from verified sources, then our Rwanda veal fits that description. We source our calves from family herders with no history of disease outbreak in recent times among their herd. Not only do we do our phytosanitary slaughtering and packing, but we eventually obtain meat pass at the exit point from Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) as a show of quality. We keep your tonnage intact via constant supplies from our farmers. Our prices, too, are among the lowest in the market. Make an order today!

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