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We provide high-quality Rwanda frozen lamb to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda frozen lamb from family herders in the country.

Rwanda frozen lamb is the chilled meat of young sheep with the quality of staying fresh indefinitely at below zero degrees temperatures. The main export destinations for the country include the Democratic Republic of Congo, with its recognized South Kivu meat markets. The state has 1.2 million heads of goats and 371, 766 sheep which is low compared to the region’s comparative figures. Much of the country keeps flocks but Nyagatare, Rutsiru and Nyaruguru lead among the main sheep-rearing districts.

We source our lambs for processing Rwanda frozen lamb meat from mainly Nyaruguru and Nyagatare districts. We deal with family herders who rear their flocks organically through grazing. We also ensure that each farmer takes regular care against disease outbreaks. Before the slaughtering process at the abattoir begins, we obtain licenses from the Rwanda Agriculture Livestock Inspection and Certification Services (RALIS).

We offer a cross-section of Rwanda frozen lamb cuts. The main ones include the forequarters made up of the shoulder, a source of moist but tough meat. The neck is also available either as a standalone chop or one with the shoulder.

The front legs also provide the perfect roasts as they are lean and appetizingly tough. They come in the form of 7 by 5 by 4 inches cubic chops. They contain both the bone and steak with just a hint of fat.

Our upper section of Rwanda lamb includes the loin, which is the chop from the flank of the tender animal. It makes good barbeque form after slow roasting over a grill.

The hindquarters are the source of one of the most popular Rwanda lamb cuts, namely the rump. It is the entire back cut of the growing sheep. As it is not yet tough, it presents tender, lean meat which can be tantalizingly aromatic when done in herbs. The rump is available as sliced steak or in the form of thick chops.

The rear is also home to the shank, perhaps the toughest part by Rwanda lamb meat standards. Physically, this is the part located in the lower sections of the hind legs. It is easy to transform the toughness by long cooking to moisten it.

We convey the meat under phytosanitary conditions to the packing area. We use automated cutlery to chop the meat. The packing system which contains wrapping material is also highly automated to reduce contamination.

We pack Rwanda lamb in flat plastic trays that come with tight strapping to keep the meat intact. We also provide carcass bags in white color. They are the perfect ones for wrapping whole carcasses of the hindquarters, forequarters or ribcage. We vacuum-seal each tray before we put it in a freezer bag for chilling. We stick the appropriate labels including the name of the meat, the type of cut, the net weight, the best-by date and the country of origin.

We store the Rwanda frozen lamb in delicatessen-type freezers where it stays chilled. We keep the place clean, cool and dry to maintain the freshness of the meat. We transport it to the packing venue via licensed refrigerated vans inside iceboxes.  The dispatch from Kigali International Airport normally reaches your destination in the next 24 to 48 hours.

We, therefore, spare no effort to bring you fresh Rwanda frozen lamb that we source and process under phytosanitary conditions. Each package comes with quality certifications from the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB). We keep your quantity parameters by having sufficient tonnage throughout the order period. Our prices, on the other hand, are quite affordable. Make an order today!



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