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We provide high-quality Rwanda beef to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh cut Rwanda beef from family herders in Eastern Province and other parts of Rwanda.

Rwanda beef is the most accessible meat product from domestic sources. The country had 1.6 million heads of cattle in 2018, a jump from 1.4 million in 2010.  Most cattle owners use a fencing system to graze their cattle on private land. About half of the family herders who graze their cattle in most districts like Nyagatare also practice zero grazing. Farmers with small farmyards tether their cows next to rich patches of grass. The main beef production centers are in Bugesera district at Gako, a government-led project. Rwanda has set its eyes on reaching more than its target beef production target of 210,000 tons annually.

We source Rwanda beef cattle from Bugesera and Nyagatare, among other districts. Most of the farmers keep the Ankole longhorn breeds but also have indigenous types. These include inkuku, inyambo, inkungu, bashi and inkoromaijo. On our part, we go for family herders with low headcount. We check with the government’s inspectors from Rwanda Agriculture and Livestock Inspection and Certification Services for disease-free slaughter animals. We also ascertain the sanitary conditions of the abattoirs’ grounds, the ceiling and cutlery for food safety reasons.

We have multiple cuts of Rwanda beef that are a combination of the fore-and hind-quarters. The forequarter includes the prime cut of the rib cage. This meat is lean and comes with ample bone sawing.

The forequarter of Rwanda beef also features shoulder muscles which make it a lean cut with no fat. Similarly tough but full of flavor is the shank of the front leg, usually the back part. It is taut and it is the outcome of the frequent movement of the cow. It does well for producing thick soup through a session of boiling. Our other cuts are the ribs, which consist of short ribs and steak. They make for perfect roasts.

The forequarters also present the chuck, a tender section from the lowest part of the shoulder and upper part of the belly. This Rwanda beef cut is meaty and suitable for roasting as it is mostly steak. There is also the brisket, just below the chuck area. It is tender enough to make candidacy for barbecue meat. Its belly location engenders it for those with a soft spot for tender beef.

We also have hindquarters selections to go along with our front side Rwanda beef cuts. One such chop is the flank which indicates the backside just before the hind legs. We provide 1-inch thick cuts that make excellent ground meat if you wish.  The meaty back thigh of the rear leg provides tough meat: known as the shank, it is great for roasting and offers sumptuous peeling effect for those who love tough roasts.

The Round or the upper back next to the tail of the cow makes for some delicious Rwanda beef. This upper flank has distinctive red steak which bears no fat. It has the same quality as its adjacent front part, the chuck, but it is redder. For those who go for tender and soft meat, then the T-bone cut or the loin chop is a perfect choice. This waist area-derived meat also features the sirloin with its flavored beef. We complement the sirloin and loins with inner organs including the kidneys.

We pack Rwanda beef in airtight wrappers that provide perfect conditioning against microbial infection. All our plastic wrappers hold the meat tightly inside thermos-cooled trays with polyethylene-lined interiors. We also have full carcass bags that can hold the entire fore-and hind-quarters of the cow. We use automated packing to reduce contamination from human handling. We touch off the packing bit by inserting self-adhesive produce labels that include the date of packing, the country of origin and the net weight.

We store Rwanda beef in sterilized cold rooms that maintain the freezing conditions that maintain the freshness of the meat. We keep the cuts on hold before transportation to Kigali International on the same day of packing. We use licensed meat vans that come equipped with refrigeration equipment on board. The package reaches your city on the same day or a day after that after dispatch.

No matter the kind of cut you are after, our Rwanda beef comes in flexible chops or full carcasses in a fresh condition. All our meat packages come with certifications from the Ministry of Health and Rwanda Standards Board (RSB). We keep your quantity intact by being in touch with our farming partners throughout the order duration. We also keep prices low to meet your budgetary allocation. Make an order today!


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