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We provide high-quality Rwanda mutton to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh cut Rwanda mutton from family herders in the country.

Rwanda mutton is the meat product of fully grown sheep and goats. With a population of 371, 766 sheep and 1.2 million heads of goats, Rwanda provides competitive exports of processed animal products. The meat is becoming a popular delicacy in especially urban centers where roasted meat is preferred. East Africans who visit Kigali always request for mbuzi choma, a slang term for nyama choma, the Swahili term for roasted meat.

We source our Rwanda mutton from family herders in Kayonza, Nyaruguru and Nyagatare among other goat-and sheep-keeping districts. Our sources own flocks of less than 50 heads. They maintain them disease-free and practice grazing rather than depending on commercial feed.

Our Rwanda mutton comes in the form of various chops. The leading cut in the forequarters is the ribcage. It is a premium slice that befits its high price because of its savory nature. This rack consists of 1-inch thick sumptuous meat in between semi-circular rib bones. It makes for quick roasts.

The other popular chop from the forequarters is the shoulder. This Rwanda mutton chop has both toughness and aroma in it. A single chop is 1-inch thick and is either bone-inclusive or boneless. It is also a great slab to roast on a quick grill.

There is also the leg cut to represent one of the cheapest parts of our Rwanda fresh mutton cuts, the other being the shank from the hind leg. It contains bone, tendons and meat. It is perfect for slow-boiled or steamed dishes. It also does justice to soup enthusiasts. The neck, on its part, closes the ranks of forequarter cuts with lean quality. Tough but moist, the neck is a representative steak that can be standalone or be part of the shoulder.

The inyama z’intama as it is called in Kinyarwanda also comes with hindquarter cross-sections including loin cuts. This is the part of the T-bone on the lower flank of the animal or the waist. It is quite tender and does well for slow roasts to prepare barbeque.

Another hindquarter favorite among Rwanda mutton cuts is the rump. This is the upper back cut of the animal. It is pure steak with no hint of fat. It represents one of the exercised parts of the goat or sheep. It does best for fried cooking but does bring good results even as a grill or roast cut.  It epitomizes tenderness and flavor.

The rear section also includes the shank or the lower section of the hind leg. It is second to the ribcage as the best cut for those going for Rwanda mutton to enjoy peeled bone meat. It makes for good, smoked meat and turns sumptuous when done in herbs.

We pack Rwanda mutton in custom plastic sleeves in airtight conditions. We print our company logo on each sleeve for tracing and quality authentication. We also have carcass bags for full quartered uncut meat packaging. Our sleeves feature polyethylene linings in their interiors to preserve the content. We also have deli-style trays with sunken pits for safe storage of the cut slices that we secure at the top with film strapping and place into boxes. We use clear labeling indicating the packing date, the meat cut, the country of origin and the expiry date.

We store Rwanda mutton at freezing temperatures away from the direct sun. We keep the meat all the time in freezer bags that are airtight to prevent contamination.

We convey the fresh sheep or goat meat to the international airport in Kigali by our special licensed vans. You can expect the consignment to reach your city in the space of a day or two after dispatch.

Therefore, if you are after quality meat from the Great Lakes region, you might as well begin with our Rwanda mutton. We offer the meat in sterile containers that preserve it till it reaches your destination. We create rapport with the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) to offer an independent view on the quality of the meat. Whether you want chops, racks or carcasses, they are all available in your specified tonnage. Our prices, too, are custom as we tailor them to your budget. Make an order today!

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