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We provide high-quality Rwanda pork to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh cut Rwanda port from family herders in the country.

Rwanda pork or inyama y’ingurube in Kinyarwanda is the meat of pig and a major processed product from the country. The Rwanda Agriculture Board puts the 2017 population of pigs in the country at 1 million heads. Most restaurants in Rwanda serve pork with banana roasts and fried potatoes. They capitalize more on steak and less on fat. The main export market for the country’s pork is the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo while the rest goes to the international market.

The main delicacies of pork range from ham which means smoked or seasoned thighs as well as bacon usually salted cuts. There is also sausage, which is filled with ground pork.

We source Rwanda pork from Gisenyi, Rwamagana and Musanze districts. Here, the activity of keeping pigs is both semi-intensive and fully-fledged. While some farmers keep a few heads per sty, others capitalize on commercial production to satiate the high demand in the capital, Kigali.

Our Rwanda pork comes in a cross-section of various cuts. We have the shoulder as the main forefront cut. The part is tougher than other sections due to constant exercise by the living animal. It works best for those who need roasts with slow cooking. It also makes perfect stew.

The forequarters also feature signature parts of Rwanda pork, namely the leg, organs and skin. The cut from the leg is, for a pig, very lean as it is not saturated with fat. The organs come from the belly area and feature whole liver as well as kidney. We provide them as rack cuts. The belly and skin and its chopped skin are also available. Though they have some considerable fat, they make for tender meat to serve with herbs.

The rear quarters also provide some tender chops especially the loin. It is the meaty part that comes from the upper flanks of the animal. We offer flexible sized slabs as well as ground meat from the loin.  These make for the apt ingredients for stuffing meat after extracting the bones and are perfect for sausages.

Our other essential Rwanda pork cut is the chump which is a chop adjacent to the animal’s flank. It is the meat caught in the hip quarters and can be bony or boneless.

You can also request our tenderloin, which is more popular as a fillet. Physically, it is the section situated midway from the ribcage and the muscles protecting the internal organs. It does a great culinary job when done in marinated form or when fried. Its cousin which also makes one of the finest Rwanda pork racks and bacon is the rib chop. It features whole lean meat in-between the ribs. It tastes great when done justice over a slow grill to make barbeque.

We follow strict phytosanitary guidelines of the Rwanda Agriculture Livestock Inspection and Certification Services (RALIS) when processing Rwanda pork. We use sanitized conveyor systems to load and unload the meat to the cutting section.  We use decontaminated cutlery to cut the chops and dissect them into appropriate retail sizes. The conveyors deliver the chops, racks, cuts and whole carcasses to the packing area for mechanical wrapping.

We pack Rwanda pork in custom trays that we make airtight with vacuum sealing mechanisms. All trays feature polyethylene interior linings for preservation. We also offer perfect wrapping for whole carcasses including the rear and forequarters. Usually white, the transparent carcass bags come superimposed with labels of the meat type, the packing date and expiry date. We also feature RALIS health certificates from the government’s inspector body.

We store Rwanda pork in freezer bags in delicatessen-style racks to prevent decomposing or rot. The meat is stored in a cool, dry place away from human contamination. The zero-temperature environment and clean condition of the cold room keep the meat fresh for longer.

We transport our Rwanda pork to the airport in Kigali on the same day of packing if possible using licensed meat vans. We ensure that the delicate cargo makes it to your city fresh in a day or two from the dispatch timeline.

Therefore, if you are after one of the prime meat products from the land of a thousand hills, do not hesitate to contact us about Rwanda pork. We source the meat from herders who rear them under natural conditions with minimal commercial feeds. We obtain certificates of quality at the exit point from Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) to indicate quality. We offer the right volume of the meat by being in touch with our herders many months beforehand. We keep the prices low to make the meat affordable to each buyer. Make an order today!

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