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When it comes to roses in Kenya, whether they come in Peach Pink, Kiwi green with a light cream or deep yellow, Selina Flowers has perfected the art of exporting Kenya roses which undergo our recommended art of growing and tendering by our family growers across the country, from whom we consolidate the roses. Our roses create beautiful ambiance, elicit memories. They nurture good feelings and out of the deep scent of love, care and delicate appreciation, they communicate. Flowers can say just about anything, from hurt to love to sorrow to sheer unadulterated affections.


Kenya roses from Selina Flowers create a symphony of feelings and make for the spell binding conductors of this incredible story built around growing and exportation of cut-flowers from Kenya to global markets.  We specialize in standard roses and spray roses.Our standard roses include,Ace,Pink, Akito,Alchemy, Allison, Amarena, Annapurna, Aqua, Athena,Babyboom, Bella Rose, Belle Vue, Blue Gene, Blueberry, boogy, Bright Smile, Bright White, Burgundy, Candle light, Capitano, Catalina, Catch, Fancy, Curiosa, La Belle, Mariyo, One Love, Red Ribbon, Sudoku and Wedding Bell.Our spray roses include Abeba, Babe, Charming Babe, Fireflash, Fireworks, Flash Night, Flashing, Glorious, Jelena, Jessica, Marisa, Mirabel, Nathalie, Odilia, Pinkflash, Rubicon, Snowflake, Sunny Babe, Vanessa, Fabiola.

With vast experience in the world of consolidating fresh roses and exportation of different varieties of the renowned Kenya roses, we’ve honed our skills, appreciation, care and love for everything flowers and through all that, we have delivered to importers a rich assortment of Kenya roses that will ensure their clients are well reminded of the moment.These flowers are consolidated from family farms that are well monitored with expertly managed environments to guarantee the perfect luster and specific depth of hue and color.

This is what makes Selina Flowers the  number one target for importers and companies all over the world. From cut flower markets in downtown Paris, avenues of Bonn, highways of Berlin, the warehouses in Toulouse, C-suites of New York and flower vendors of Amsterdam, every experienced importer worth the title will be happy to stock Kenya roses from Selina Flowers.

Armed with research and attention to detail, Selina Flowers are marked by an exquisite skill and flare for tending and supplying cut-flowers to importers in all capitals of the world who distribute to the global flower markets a variety of Kenya roses that uniquely meet client satisfaction.

Our Kenya roses will transform spaces, infusing them with meaning, awe plus endearing color schemes. They give offices a sophisticated, tender and delicate feel plus amazing designs to complement these serene work-spaces. Kenya roses are for the importers who are so well attuned to their clients’ needs, for companies keen to supply fresh cut beautiful roses to thousands of individual clients. Selina flowers exports more than roses, we supply class. Place Your Order Today!

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