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Kenya Carnations - Consolidators

 Kenya carnation flowers are known to be one of the most majestic and beautiful flowers in existence on planet earth. With much-dedicated care and attention, Selina Flowers exports carnations worldwide, consolidated from family growers who produce only the highest quality of Kenya carnations. When they arrive at your destination, they look pristine – ready to impress.

The carnation flower has a rich history dating back to ancient Greek and Roman times where they were

 highly revered and used as decorations on Greek ceremonial crowns. Their scientific name “Dianthus” carries the almighty meaning of “Flower of the God.” Since over 2000 years ago, due to their popularity, carnations have been cultivated until today and besides being an all-purpose flower, the genuine beauty of Kenya carnation has made them a predominant flower for Mother’s Day and even Valentine’s Day.

Amazingly, Kenya is the third largest exporter of flowers in the world due to it’s warm and upbeat sunny climate which is conducive for cultivating various types of flowers, including Kenya carnations. In addition to having suitable weather, Kenya’s Nairobi airport has a specially designed terminal to ensure that export flowers are handled gently and safely.

Kenya carnations come in two main types namely the standard carnations and the spray carnations. The standard carnations are famous for their single stemmed nature while the spray carnations are known for having multiple flowers on each stem whereas the dwarf flowered carnations possess numerous small flowers on each stem. Selina Flowers exports all these types of Kenya carnations to meet the dynamic market demands.

We export all the various categories of carnation flowers including Cerise, Yellow carnations, Pink carnations, Purple, Orange, Purple, White, Bi-Orange carnations.

With Kenya’s reputation for transporting and producing long-lasting flowers, Selina Flowers guarantees tip-top high-quality Kenya carnations. We are meticulous about maintaining high standards because we believe that our customers deserve only the best flowers for their friends and loved ones. Given adequate care, Kenya carnations have a vase life of up to 3 whole weeks which is great value for money.With all that said and done, there is only one place where you can get amazing Kenya carnations, and that is Selina Flowers. We guarantee quality, forever.

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