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Kenya Lilies - Consolidators

Selina Wamucii consolidates Kenya lilies from family growers and exports them worldwide with love! This dramatic flower and the range of lilies available satisfy the taste of every lady. Whether she wants the softness of white or the rich intensity of blues, purple or violet. While they can grow in different habitats, few can better the sub-tropical climate of Kenya, the East African nation with a wealth of experience exporting its ‘treasures’ worldwide.

Kenya lilies are absolutely amazing thanks to the climate that enjoys plenty of sunshine, sufficient moisture and the rich soils.

All these factors guarantee that the Kenya lilies can be produced all year round by our family growers from whom we consolidate to satisfy a world market that wants the touch of the luxury that lilies convey at different celebrations and special occasions every month of the year. They have become a favourite with ladies everywhere as a touch of the exotic.

Kenya lilies flowers stand tall among flowers in more ways than one. When growing, lilies can almost reach the height of an adult. They flower for just a short period but long enough to be ‘harvested’ for markets all over the world. While a native of South America, lilies have found an ideal home in East Africa where they were first introduced in the 17th Century before spreading to homes all over the world.

Some of the Kenya lilies flowers we export as Selina Flowers include Alstroemeria lilies, Asiatic Lilies, Calla Lilly, Oriental lilies, among others.

There are more varieties of lilies with around ten species each with flower clusters sometimes containing as many as 30 flowers. Agapanthus praecox also has three sub-species and even a dwarf variety.

Few flowers offer more luxury than the Kenyan lily flower. It has the colour and style; the ideal flower to delight a lady at any time.

Selina Flowers undertake to fulfill your orders promptly. We are delighted to share a piece of the African exotica, sensually, and even vividly.

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