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Produce Kenyan cut roses and buds
Common name Rosa
Variety Two main types; Rhodos, El Toro Other types; freedom, madam red, red torch, red ribbon, furiosa
Packing specification Large well-ventilated boxes, chilled storage, cut flower preservatives to extend life
Size 40cm, 50cm,60cm,70cm stems
Availability April-May, October-November-December-Kenya rainy seasons
Transport conditions Cool temperatures, modern trucks, fast means
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There are quite a number of flower types in Kenya. But nothing beats Kenya cut roses and buds. These flowers are by far the most popular kind. Kenyan roses are popular all over the world for their excellent quality.

The great farming techniques and packing procedures right after the flowers are harvested have contributed to Kenya being reportedly Africa’s largest exporter of cut roses and buds and the world’s third-biggest exporter

The Rosa belongs to the family of plants called Rosaceae. It is a type of flowering shrub that usually grows in many colors. The most common one is the red rose. There are also yellow, white and purple roses. Kenyan cut roses have a strong pleasant scent

The flowers of a rose plant have five petals with dimensions of about 0.5 inches. However, flower farmers are now introducing a cultivated breed that has multiple sets of petals and grows close to 7 inches across.

There are many types of Kenyan cut roses and buds, with the main ones being the Rhodos and the El Toro. The Rhodos has a clean color and expressive shape. It is characterized by good head size and steam length. The El Toro, on the other hand, has a unique shape that sets it apart from all the different types of roses.

The other types of roses grown in Kenya include;

  1. The Furiosa – this is a large red flower from De Ruiter. It has a length of up to 70cm 
  2. Freedom – this flower has a deep red color, a large head, and an average stem length of about 90cm. it is a hybrid from Rosen Tantau
  3. Madam red – this flower is from Preesman and has a vase life ranging between 14-16cm
  4. Red ribbon –this flower has a good vase life and opens up quite well.
  5. Red torch – this flower has about 6cm bud size, 80cm stem size, and a relatively good vase life

During shipping, roses are packed in large, well-ventilated boxes. This is to prevent spotting and wilting. 

They are stored under chilled conditions to increase their life span as hot, dry conditions will lead to drying up.

Ensure to clean your vase every few days and put in some clean water and cut flower preservatives to ensure your flowers remain fresh and healthy. Kenyan cut roses stay can remain fresh for a couple of weeks if they are preserved well.

Kenya cut roses and buds are in season during the rainy seasons. Kenya usually has two rainy seasons; April-May and October-November-December. If cultivation and harvest are well done, about 160,000 tons of rose flower is harvested each year.

Roses, just like other types of horticultural produce, are transported under cool conditions. Modern trucks with controlled temperatures are used to transport Kenyan cut roses to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, where they will be airlifted to the clients’ destination.

Kenya is among the leading alternatives for cut roses and buds. We have great offers and solutions for the best kind of Kenya cut roses and buds.

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