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Produce Kenyan cut carnations and buds.
Common name Dianthus caryophyllus,clove, gillyflowers
Size 5-40 petals,6-8.5cm in diameter, 45cm, 50cm, 60cm in length
Variety Standard carnations,Spray carnations
Season All your round(greenhouses), summer
Packing and Storage Store at 0-1degree, Free of pest and diseases, Treated with fungicide, Packed in box lined with newspaper and synthetic resin.
Transport conditions Spacious, air-conditioned van, modern refrigerated van
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Kenya cut carnations are the most beautiful flowers in the world because of the quality care given during cultivation, cutting, and shipping. They complement other types of flowers and mostly give a bouquet a complete feel. 

Carnations are used on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Usually, different colors of carnations are associated with different meanings. It is, therefore, essential to research what a specific color means before giving it to someone. 

Kenyan cut carnations are used for fashion arrangements, for buttonholes, and sometimes on corsages too. They can be planted in borders, flowerbeds and gardens. They are also sometimes put in vases in the house for aesthetics. If well taken care of and protected from harsh weather conditions, they tend to have a long vase life. 

The carnation scientific name is Dianthus Caryophyllus. The kind name, Dianthus, comes the Greek language. It means ‘the flower of love’ Some people also call it the clove gillyflower because of their intense aroma that’s very similar to that of the clove. 

There are two primary varieties of Kenya cut carnations and buds. The standard carnation is well known for its single stem.these are large-flowered carnations and usually have one larger flower on each stem. The spray carnation, on the other hand, has many flowers on each stem. They are also known as mini carnations. 

There is another type of carnation that has several small flowers on one stem. This type of carnation is known as dwarf flowered carnations.

These flowers usually have between 5 and 40 petals depending on its type. The single flowers have five flowers, while the border carnations may have double flowers 40 petals or over. Kenya cut carnations grow between 6 and 8.5cm in diameter. 

Cut carnations do not thrive in very high temperatures. The flowers are stored in temperatures between 0 and 1-degree Celsius. Before they are stored, it is vital to ensure the bud harvested flowers are of very high quality. Also, make sure your cut flowers are well treated and are free from any form of diseases and pests.

 They are then packed in a box lined with synthetic resin and newspapers.bud- cut flowers can be stored between two weeks and sometimes up to a month. Recently ways have been found that make it possible to store buds up to 4 months. 

Greenhouse farming has made it possible for Kenyan commercial cultivators to plant carnations all year round. Small scale cultivators, however, plant carnations once a year during summer. 

For simple transport that is likely to take less than 12hours, it is best to use a spacious van that’s well air-conditioned. The cold air will help maintain the plant’s freshness. You could also use buckets with water filled to at least three-quarters capacity and cut the stems to allow them to drink and remain fresh. 

For shipping that’s likely to take more than12hours, it is advisable to use modern specialized vans with refrigeration systems to transport the carnations. 

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