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Selina Wamucii provides high quality Kenya Irish potatoes to the local and export market. We source our Kenya Irish potato from family growers in Kenya.

Perhaps no other vegetable in the tuber family has a bigger cultural history than the Irish potato. After thriving for thousands of years in South and Central America courtesy of the Maya Civilization and coming later into the world in the 1600s A.D. through Spanish and Portuguese explorers, it was just common as a potato with different local names.

Zoom in 200 years later, in the 1800s, when the Great Famine hit Ireland and farmers stored winter supplies of the tuber, leading to the term Irish potato.

The white color of the Irish potato is the main distinguishing attribute that separates it from other tubers like the sweet potato, common potato and yams. It has an oblong shape that sometimes may appear as an unshapely roundness. The texture and shape of this tuber are actually the secrets to its great menu inclusivity. For instance, when you boil it whole, it will retain its color and shape, even when peeled until you mash it into some dense mix to serve with stew. The tubers are also sumptuous in boiled, fried and roasted forms. At Selina Wamucii, choice is more than we got for your Kenya Irish potato needs.

The nutritional capacity of Kenya Irish potatoes is a recommendation for everyone, not just in times of drought when they turn into staple foods but for everyday use. With its stem holding 80 percent of water, some of which transfers to the edible tuber to form its 50 percent moisture content, the Irish potato helps prevent dehydration. They retain most of their starch, vitamin and mineral content in roasted form. Indeed, their total nutrition includes:

  • Zero fat, no cholesterol, which is great for heart health and prevention of stroke.
  • Absolutely no sodium.
  • Improved potassium content.
  • Magnesium and fiber as well as antioxidants for strong bones, better digestion and fighting against free radicals, respectively.
    Vitamin C.

Growing of the Kenya Irish potato requires a range of seeds or tubers. These, depending on variety can germinate fast. You ought to choose the variety that is immune to late blight infection to reduce vegetative wastage and improve yields.

The Kenya Irish potato takes only four months to mature from the date of germination. This is as opposed to more temperate regions of the world like the Western Hemisphere where frost can delay growth by an additional two months. Ideally, the potato provides higher potential in production when grown under cool but sunny conditions such as those of Central and Western Kenya.

Our Kenya Irish potatoes are not harvested until they turn into full maturity to ensure that their sizes are full. This usually happens when the top stalks have turned yellow or withered altogether. Then one can use hand or fork jembe, a kind of easy-to-manipulate, two-sided hoe to ease the tuber off the light soil in a barrage of seeds, some big, some small.

To ensure proper maintenance, Kenya Irish potatoes require easy handling. For instance during maturity, we advise our family growers to wait until about 14 days from the onset of withered tops before ploughing the potatoes from underneath. This is because the tubers are resistant to sharp edges after these two weeks of withering even when lifting them roughly. Tubers that are not fully developed should undergo fast storage and equally serve as the first transportation priority since they go bad earlier than fully developed potatoes.

If you need the best Kenya Irish potatoes from Kenya, then you have the right partner in Selina Wamucii.

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