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Mozambique is known to produce some of the best high-quality peanuts suitable for both local consumption and export. Most of the Mozambique peanuts are produced by small holder farmers who own small tracts of land.


Mozambique peanuts is a common crop in the region.

The central and northern provinces of Nampula, Zambezia and Cabo Delgado as well as Inhambane, Gaza and Maputo provinces of the south are famous for their production of peanuts. The Mozambique peanuts are mainly produced by smallholder farmers who are mostly women. These farmers own small tracts of land which they practice peanut farming. The smallholder farmers receive assistance from NGO’s and companies to help them find foreign market for their Mozambique peanuts. In Mozambique, peanuts are a great part of the staple diet for the families since most of the small farmers cultivate the product.

There has been notable increase in production of Mozambique peanuts over the years as a result of rising exporting opportunities and local demand. In most areas local traders and retailers make up for the larger part of the peanut market. There are also large companies that buy the peanuts from the farmers and NGO’s that are actively involved in the farming and production of Mozambique peanuts. Some of the peanut farmers have formed associations that have played a very important role in marketing their produce.

Production Centers

The provinces of Nampula, Zambezia, Cabo Delgado, Inhambane, Gaza and Maputo are the biggest production centers for the Mozambique peanuts. There is a clear-cut difference between Mozambique peanut production in the North and production in the south. In the north provinces, the large seeded peanuts are most common whereas small grain peanuts are most popular in the southern provinces.

Forms of peanuts exported

Export of raw peanuts is most common in Mozambique. The Mozambique peanuts can either be small grained peanuts or large grain peanut. One can export their peanuts either shelled or deshelled.

Varieties and Growing conditions

The most common varieties of Mozambique peanuts are either small grain (Spanish type) and large grain (Virginia type). The Spanish type is most common in the southern provinces of Inhambane, Gaza and Maputo which experience relatively low rainfall of about 600mm annually. The Spanish type has a early maturity as it takes between 90-120 days making it suitable for these areas that are relatively drier. In this region, the peanuts are either planted purely or intercropped with maize.

Medium to late maturing variety of the large grain (Virginia and Runner types) are most common in the north and central provinces of Nampula, Zambezia and Cabo Delgado. These provinces receive more rainfall annually (between 800-1200mm). The peanuts are either planted alone or intercropped with cassava.

Benefits of Peanuts

Peanuts are rich in nutrients and they also have low carbohydrates. They are a great source for healthy fats, proteins and fiber. The runner variety is the most common variety worldwide because of its delicious flavor and its suitability for making peanut butter. Although peanut butter is not common in Mozambique, the locals prefer taking the peanuts as a snack, roasted or cooking it in food.

Harvesting and Cleaning

Peanuts are harvested once the plants have lost their green color and the leaves turned yellow. They are harvested immediately they mature to avoid getting pods that contain shriveled kernels. Harvesting them too late is also a problem since most of the pods will have broken and lost into the soil.

Once the crop is harvested, the loose soil is gently shaken off and the crops are kept in a shaded spot with good air circulation. After a few days, once the nuts are dry, they can be stored.

Packing and Export

Peanuts can be exported either when shelled or unshelled. Unshelled peanuts can last approximately 9 months if refrigerated. Peanuts can last indefinitely when stored in airtight containers and frozen at extremely low temperatures.

Shelled peanuts last approximately 3 months when frozen. When salted or blanched, they keep indefinitely when refrigerated.


Mozambique peanuts are of indubitable quality. With the compliance to the GLOBALG.A.P. standards by our smallholder farmers, our clients are assured of the best quality of Mozambique peanuts.

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