• Mozambique Cashew Nuts
  • Mozambique Cashew Nuts
  • Mozambique Cashew Nuts
  • Mozambique Cashew Nuts

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Variety W180, W 240, W320
Season April
Packing Vacuum packed in 11.34kgs cartons
Size W180, W 240, W320
Transport Condition Transported under room temperature
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We provide high quality Mozambique cashew nuts to the local and export market. We source our Mozambique cashew nuts from small holder farmers.

Over the years, Mozambique had the reputation of being among the top cashew nut producers in the world. As much as this industry went down in the 70’ through the 90’s due to the civil war, we see that Mozambique’s government is making efforts to regain its previous glory. Mozambique has the ideal growing conditions as well as a strong local processing sector hence giving the country an upper hand as compared to its counterparts. Should this be focused upon, this will make Mozambique one of the most competitive global providers of high quality cashew nuts.

Most of the nuts are grown at the Nampla province closely followed by Cabo Delgado, Zambézia, Inhambane and Gaza. Over 80% of the farmers are small holder farmers who have an average farm size of 1 acre. Last year, the country exported about 139,000 tons and earned an estimated at US$100 million with this figures expected to rise within the coming five years. Mozambique mostly exports her cashew to China, India and currently venturing into the European market.

In appearance, the cashew fruit looks as if it has two fruits. It has an apple like fruit on top that looks like is attached to a small curved nut’s shell at its end. Though the apple is locally used to make other culinary products, it is the small nut attached to it across that is important. It is the source of cashew nut oil.

On a historical note, the Mozambique cashew came into commercial cultivation as late as the mid-20th century. But by the early 1970’s, many farmers in the country had embraced the crop which generated record sales and about 200000 tons which are the highest recorded in the country’s history. The northern provinces have always been a major producer due to the availability of cheap labor by jobless youth. The origin of the seed however was in South America, particularly Brazil. The Portuguese brought it from here to Europe. They also introduced it to Tanzania in 1600

Cashew nuts are well known for their high nutritional value and may be taken as healthy supplements. Magnesium holds the highest nutritional value at 73% then closely followed by fat content at 67%. Other important nutrients include proteins at 36% and vitamin B-6 at 20%.

We source our Mozambique cashew nuts from Cabo Delgado, Zambézia, Inhambane, Gaza and Naampala provinces. The most common thing we go for are the small sale farmers who have an acre or less of land.This is because we deal with small holder farmers. We ensure that our farm partners tend to their trees using organic manure as well organic certified means to ensure they gain a competitive edge on the export market. We also keep them updated on current production technologies and natural ways to eradicate pests.

We harvest Mozambique cashew nuts when the fruit has fallen due to maturity. The vegetation around the tree is first cleared then the nuts are picked .They are kept in baskets and sacks with which they’re transported with to the threshing yard to crack the thick shell. On average, trees of about 8 years can produce about 10 kg per tree. As for the apple, they are usually separated from the nuts and used to extract juice as well as jam.

We hull Mozambique cashew nuts by manual or artificial means. The former method entails the use of pressure machines to crack the outer layer to expose the kernel. This is after a steaming process where we soak the shells in water for a few hours to soften them. After this, we blow hot air on them to reduce the moisture level to about 9%. For the manual hulling method, we use hand blades to cut the shell open after using a level to ease the cutting process.

We then sort the kernels without shells into various grades. Traditionally, in Mozambique,there are three grades which are the‘Standard,’ ‘Under,’ and ‘Rejects’ grades. On our part, we retain the standard only, which is made up of perfect kernels free of any visible blemish. We store them in a cool, dry place inside waterproof material.

We pack Mozambique cashew nuts in pouches, sachets and tins after grading them. Our largest tins come with a capacity for 11.34 kilograms of the nuts. The rest of the pouches average around 10 kilos apiece. In case you want them in shell, you can request beforehand and we will not hull them. We indicate the condition of the nuts (in shell or hulled), the net weight and the country of origin on the produce label.

We store Mozambique cashew nuts in the temperature range of 4 to 25 degrees Celsius. We maintain this same temperature during the transportation phase to the Maputo airport via our controlled environment vehicles. You can expect the package to reach you in a day’s time.

Thus, if you would like to avail one of the chief agricultural exports of Mozambique, then you have us to count on for supplies. Our Mozambique cashew nuts come from designate Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified farming locales on the coastline. We prepare your order months before the due date so as to amass your exact tonnage. You will also find our prices quite pocket-friendly. Make an order today!

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