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Mozambique is well known for its exceptional quality macadamia nuts for both local and international consumption. Other than being an edible produce, macadamia nuts can also be used in producing macadamia oil and other cosmetic and health produce.


National Cashew Institute (Incaju), is the official body in charge of macadamia sector in Mozambique. According to Incaju, there are three provinces that are major producers of macadamia nuts, Niassia, Manica and Zambezia. There is also macadamia farming going on in Maputo although it is on a small scale in comparison to the other provinces.

In Mozambique, Niassia province was the first to pioneer macadamia production in the year 2000. The macadamia sector in Mozambique is mainly dominated by South African and Dutch investors although the sector is still not popular among producers and local private sector. Most of the provinces in the region have mild climate ideal for growing macadamia nuts.

Macadamia trees grow slowly. It takes between 7-10 years before a macadamia tree can produce its first fruit but after that, they remain productive for the consecutive years. Investing in macadamia production is suitable for investors who are in it for the long haul.

Production Centers

Macadamia production began in Mozambique around the year 2000 after the land was declared free of mines. Niassa province happens to be the leading macadamia producing region in Mozambique. Other provinces that produce macadamia nuts include; Zambezia, Manica and Maputo. In Mozambique, there are around 17 registered companies dealing in macadamia production. Most of these provinces are located in Manica province.

Forms of Exported Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts can be exported in two forms, as kernel (nut without the shell) or nut in shell. Once the outer husk is removed, the macadamia nut is deshelled and the kernels are sorted in various styles. The styles vary depending on the different kernel sizes. For the macadamia nuts that are exported as nuts in shell, the nuts are sorted into different sizes after going through the de-husking machine.

Macadamia Varieties and Growing Conditions

In Mozambique the most common varieties are 695 variety, also known as Beaumont and 816 variety (Macadamia integrifolia). The mild climatic conditions in Mozambique make it suitable for macadamia tree planting. Macadamia farmers experience a challenge with the nut development during the dry seasons, before the rains begin in December. There is relatively low yield of the produce because of the dry conditions and reduced water supply. Macadamia nuts have better yields when there is adequate rain.

Macadamia Nuts Benefits

Macadamia nuts can be very useful, from the husks to the kernels. Once de-husked, the husks can be dried and used in making organic mulch for crops. It can also be used in the manufacture of animal feeds. For the macadamia shells, if properly dried, they are a good source of burning fuel. The macadamia kernel itself is good for consumption. For those kernels that are not fit for consumption, they can be used in the manufacture of cosmetic products. The kernels can also be cold-pressed to produce macadamia oil for cooking and making salads.

Packing and Export

After reaping the macadamia nuts from the orchards, the nuts are passed through a de-husking machine where they are de-husked then they are passed through a machine that sorts the nuts to different sizes. From there they are passed through a sorting belt which removes any immature or defective nuts. The nuts are graded several times before they are ready for export. Once they are ready, the nuts are packed in PP bags and exported.


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