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Produce Mozambique Palm Oil
Varieties Red palm oil,Palm kernel oil,Fractionated palm kernel
Common names Elaeis guineensis
Packaging 20 Ltr cans
Availability All year round
Transport conditions 30 degrees Celcius room temperature
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Mozambique Palm oil (Elaeis guineensis) is an edible type of oil derived from the fruit of the oil palms. Palm oil plants originated in West Africa and were embraced in Mozambique in the early 1900s. palm oil is mostly used for cooking purposes (frying), but in some countries, it is used for biofuel energy. It is also used to fortify other vegetable oils.

Palm oil is also used for personal care and cosmetic purposes i.e., hair and skincare routine. Palm oil is known for its high yield in vegetable oil hence making it very popular.

Humans used palm oil from 5 thousand years ago in late 1800, where archeologists discovered a cask of pam oil in a tomb. It took 100 years to get introduced to Mozambique, where it picked up quickly.

It is also believed to be used as a commodity of trade. Palm oil is one of the richest sources of vitamins A and E. it contributes to a fifth of the world’s production of oils and fats. It’s popular because of the absence of highly unsaturated fatty acids and its moderate content of linoleic acid.

There are three different types of palm oil in Mozambique.

 Red palm oil: – this is mildly processed, allowing it to retain all its natural components, it’s mainly red.

Palm kernel: – it is more saturated (about 80%), contains little monosaturated fats. It often undergoes harsh chemical processing than red palm oil 

Fractionated palm kernel oil: – this is made by further processing palm kernel oil to remove the liquid portion leaving more defined solid 

Palm oil cultivation requires warm temperatures with plenty of sunshine and humidity. Palm oil trees have a high yielding capacity with optimum weather conditions. The trees have high resistance to pests and diseases.

The palm oil tree takes about four years to produce fruits suitable for harvest. They have a life span of almost 40 years of productivity whereby each tree grows up to forty feet tallPlanting of palm oil tree takes place just before the short rains

Little maintenance is needed once the tree is planted; this is one of the significant advantages of palm oil trees. They will produce the first bunch of fruits after about two years of planting hence are a quick commercial project

Palm oil trees are also used as ornamentals in hotels, restaurants, resorts, and schools due to their attractive looks. Harvesting of pam oils is done by crushing the nut found in the palm kernel with a mill to extract the oil. Each fruit contains one kernel

Freshly extracted pam oil is filled into metal cans or plastic containers for transportation. Mozambique palm oil has a long shelf life and is stored at room temperatures of about 30 degrees centigrade. However, after six months, the quality of palm grade decreases. The top importers of Mozambique palm oil include Indonesia and Malaysia.


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