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We provide high-quality Rwanda mustard seed to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda mustard seed from family growers in the country.

Rwanda mustard seed, a member of Brassica carinata, refers to the oil-endowed seed from the leafy green of the same name. The leaves serve as greens for cooking meals while the seed produces the edible oil. The range of uses for especially the seed keep extending every day. While the crushed seed has traditionally made salads, recently it has become a possible source of biofuel for propelling aircraft. A 2012 project in the US succeeded to propel an airplane on 100% such fuel.

The original home of the mustard plant is just a few countries north-east of Rwanda, namely Ethiopia. The plant grew here about 4000 years ago. The inhabitants of the horn of Africa country then known as Abyssinia would pound the seeds into a salad-making paste. They would also cook the leaves in the fashion of kales despite its mild taste.

We source Rwanda mustard seed from the Northern and Eastern provinces of the country. In these regions, family growers cultivate them in patches of land of less than 2 acres. They maintain them with farmyard manure and reduce contamination through sparing use of chemical sprays. This means that the produce will always reach you with less than 0.01 percent of residual levels.

Our harvesting of Rwanda mustard seed starts during the onset of brown or yellow wilting color on the pods.  By this time the pods are just about to burst open and expel the seed content. After collecting all mature pods from the plants, we thrash them right at the farm. We keep the seeds in baskets which we carry to the packing shed immediately. We also pluck the leaves a few weeks before picking the pods when they are still green and tender. We maintain them in brown, corked containers to keep their garden odor and color.

We sort the mustard seed harvest that has already gone through shelling. If the seeds are for oil production, we select only the healthiest. The same applies to those for packing raw seeds.

We pack the unprocessed Rwanda mustard in either leaf or seed form. In the case of leaves, we, first of all, bunch them into bundles of 12 leaves apiece. We pack these in crates bearing 10 kilos per package. We also offer the 12-kilo packages that are more appropriate for big shipments. After packing, we inject liquid ice on each package to maintain the recommended coolness levels. We further uphold a hydro-cooled condition for the cargo by adjusting the temperatures to 0 degrees throughout the post-packing period.

For the seeds, we carefully insert them in vacuum-sealed packets. We reduce adverse temperature effects by hydro-cooling each packet at packing time. We attach self-adhesive produce labels featuring the name of the cultivar: this can be the native B. nigra type or the purple variety. Our label also features the ingredients (100 percent natural seeds) and the net weight of each package.

We store Rwanda mustard seed in near-freezing conditions inside our dimly-lit warehouse environment. We keep the seeds at 0 degrees Celsius at all times to foster oil coagulation inside them. The same applies to the leaves which retain color and freshness at this temperature level.

Our vehicles come fitted with refrigeration equipment on board to allow for proper conveying of Rwanda mustard seed cargo. We retrofit each vehicle to the relative humidity of between 90 and 95 percent. The cargo will hence reach you upon dispatch from Kigali International Airport a day or two after that.

Indeed, you no longer have to search in vain for a provider of Rwanda mustard seed. We keep the right balance between hygienic handling and quality preservation of the produce throughout the post-harvest period. Furthermore, our quality speaks for itself as all our mustard comes from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family sources. On the question of cargo, we always go for surplus from our growers to maintain your maximum quantity. If you are sensitive to our pricing terms, rest assured that we have very competitive rates that are accessible to your budget. Make an order today!

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