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We provide high-quality Rwanda groundnuts to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda groundnuts from family growers in the country.

Rwanda groundnuts (Arachis hypogaea L.) are some of the most common roadside delicacies in Kigali and other cities. The edible seeds come from the split pods that thrive underground. They have both legume and fruit features, which makes it hard to classify them botanically. They are eaten in roasted form when their seeds have acquired a nutty brown shade. These crunchy, protein-rich nuts are among the most preferred edibles on the streets as they are low-cost and nutritious. Their name in Kinyarwanda is akabemba while their synonym in English is that of a peanut.

The origin of the groundnut was in Peru around 7600 years ago. Other countries with native reserves include Argentina and Bolivia. However, in modern times Africa produces the bulk of peanuts at 46 percent of the total world output.

We source Rwanda groundnuts from the Northern and Eastern provinces. In these two regions, family growers cultivate the crop next to maize. They keep it in acreage of less than 1 hectare which makes it quite manageable under organic farming. This is why the plants grow luxuriantly through manure application with little or no chemical use.

We harvest Rwanda groundnuts when they are at least three months from the date of planting. This is usually for the steaming varieties. We harvest the rest of the pods (usually for roasting) about 4 ½ months or 30 days after that to ensure that they are of the right flavor. Our team of workers usually clears the vegetation around to ensure that the fruits will be ready for digging out with little obstruction. The crew only targets plants with dry leaves. The workers use forks to pry out the bloated, browned pods. After shaking the pods free of the soil, they transfer them to the drying shed.

We then dry Rwanda groundnuts for at least a week inside the warehouse. We let the moisture go down to 10 percent. After this, we thresh the pods to expose the seeds. After removing any clinging debris, we ready the nuts for packing raw or roast them depending on the desired form of export.

Our optional roasting of the peanuts is usually on non-oil producing nuts. We heat them at moderate temperatures until they attain a crisp golden exterior. Only our most excellent seeds undergo oven-based roasting as these reach a nutty, crunchy quality.

We pack Rwanda groundnuts inside plastic sachet bags. The transparent aspect of the bags makes it possible to showcase the golden produce to the eventual retail buyers. Our smallest packages weigh 100 grams while the larger ones are 1-kilogram heavy. After inserting the produce labels inclusive of the name, packing date, net weight, and country of origin, we dispatch the cargo.

We store Rwanda groundnuts at the temperature mean of 4 degrees Celsius. We keep the seeds with a moisture level of less than 10 percent. The reason for this is to lend the nuts a crunchy rather than chewy aspect when eating them.

We also feature the same modified climatic conditions when conveying the fresh cargo to the airport in Kigali courtesy of our refrigerated vans. You can expect the dispatch to touch down in your location in the space of the next 24 to 48 hours.

Whether you want them raw or crisp golden in roasted form, you have the assurance of availing quality Rwanda groundnuts from us. We commit to phytosanitary handling and processing to maintain food safety. On the question of quality, we adhere to Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) by dealing only with GAP-certified farmers. We also keep the right quantity sourcing the produce in surplus. Our prices are quite affordable as we tailor them to your budget. This is why you need to make an order today!

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