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Varieties Blue velvet, agapanthus Orientalis, summer gold, peter pan
Packing19-21 kg cartons, 250-300 stems based on length of stems
Size30cm-70cm stems
Storage 2 to 3 degrees Celsius
Transport Conditions 2 to 3 degrees Celsius
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The South Africa lilies, Agapanthus Africans, are lovely African lilies with showy rounded clusters of fragrant, blue funnel-shaped flowers native to South Africa. They rise on stiff, upright stalks atop clumps of beautiful evergreen, linear grass-like leaves that about 12 inches in length. A tall, thick scape hovers about 2 to 3 feet above leaves and is topped with rounded umbel flower clusters that may hold as 30 trumpets shaped 1 to 2-inch dark blue flowers. It blooms in late summer and keeps its flowe3rs well into autumn. Agapanthus, also known as African lily originates in South Africa and belongs to the Liliaceae family

The following are varieties of South Africa lilies;

  1. Agapanthus praecox subsp. Orientalis ‘Blue velvet’; it is one of the prettiest, each petal of beautiful violet coloured flowers has a darker strip which runs down the centre. The stem stout of about 1m carries the flower heads.
  2. Agapanthus Africanus ‘Summer gold’; it is a slow-growing various hybrid. It adapts well to local conditions and can be semi-deciduous to dormant in a colder climate. The leaves have yellow edges and a pale green midrib that make it exceptional in pots, and suitable for providing colour contrast in flower beds. 
  3. Agapanthus Orientalis; also known as queen mum of Nile, is a beautiful plant with flowers that are white and blue on the outside, and pure white o the inside. The flowers spikes are an impressive 1 to 2 meters tall. Sunlight is essential in bringing out the intense blue colour in the flowers.
  4. Agapanthus africanus ‘peter pan’; also known as dwarf African lily, it is a trusty old favourite amongst indigenous perennials.

South Africa lilies thrive in full sun fertile, moist and well-drained clay loam soil. In hot climate area African lily do better in partial shade, most of the varieties lean towards the sun. Harvesting of the lilies is usually done in the morning by cutting lilies for arrangement when the buds are on the brink of opening and plunge the stem into the cool water. They are mostly harvested in August. After harvest, the flow stems are placed in buckets containing water to maintain freshness; they can be graded according to the number of buds per stem. The lily stem is then bunched, after which stems are cut if lilies are to be placed in water and then wrapped. The optimal storage temperatures of cut lilies are 2 to 3 degrees Celsius and storage time should be as short as possible. South Africa exports most of its lilies to the other African countries, the USA and Japan. 

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