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Varieties White roses, Red roses, pink roses, yellow roses.
Packing Bunched and wrapped in brown paper, 15-21 kgs, 300 stems per carton
Storage Cold conditions in temperatures between 2°C and 4°C
Size 40cm-70cm stems
Season Between October and May
Transport Conditions Within a week in cold temperatures between 2°C and 4°C.
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The rose is a woody perennial plant and a substantial income earner for the South African flower market. There are several varieties grown in South Africa and, most of them are usually exported to other nations. South Africa cut roses can be commonly found with most florists across the world because of their unique fragrance and beauty.

The Western Cape and the Free State of Bloemfontein are the central locations in the country where cut roses are grown and cultivated. They have distinctive differences but are most often red or yellow and are mainly used in events both locally and internationally. The South Africa cut roses distinct to the country were first grown for commercial purposes in 1944 and, the industry has grown significantly since.

During the winter season in South Africa that falls from May to October, the plants are dormant and, they are not watered or fertilized. However, in the summer that is between December and February, they have to be watered for thirty minutes every day to allow them to bloom as needed. The most common form of irrigation used for these plants is drip irrigation as this prevents excess evaporation.

Refrigeration is a significant aspect of the storage of the final product, particularly before transport because, they are highly perishable. Immediately after harvesting, the stems have to be put in cold water for a period of 24 hours to prevent withering and maintain the freshness of the plant. They vary in size depending on the growth conditions and the length of the stem with most of them ranging between 3m and 7m.

Planting is usually done in the autumn period in South Africa that lasts between March and May. The roses require average temperatures of between 10°C and 18°C to bloom and, they also require well-drained soils. Sunlight exposure is vital for their growth and watering must be done regularly to support their growth.

Regular fertilization is also crucial to provide the plants with much-needed nutrition. This is done by ensuring that the fertilizer has been dissolved with water to allow for the roots to absorb it with ease.

The plant flowers any time between October and May and, it only takes six weeks for the plant to bloom once again. Cut roses are placed on a sorting table where they are grouped according to length and, the leaves and thorns are removed from the stem with a stripping machine. They are then sorted according to colour and size before being placed in buckets of fresh water in cold conditions.

They are then wrapped up in brown papers and transported immediately, primarily through Cape Town International Airport or O. R. Tambo Airport in Johannesburg. Very few roses are exported from South Africa because Ethiopia and Kenya currently dominate the market, with the largest being Europe.

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