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VarietiesKermit green button pom flower Zembla yellow Zembla lime Zembla cream Champagne golden
Size 30cm-70cm
PackingBunched and wrapped in plastic or paper sleeves Cardboard flower boxes, 15-21 kgs, 250-300 stems per carton
Season Between September and December and, March and June
StorageCold conditions in temperatures between 10°C and 18°C
Transport Conditions Within a week in cold temperatures between 10°C and 18°C.
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This is a flowering plant from the genus Chrysanthemum in the Asteraceae family that is closely associated with both South Africa and Colombia. However, the plant is native to both China and Japan and, it has more than 40 varieties. Some of the common colours of South Africa chrysanthemums include yellow, purple, white and red.

The flowers are commonly used in bouquets for different events such as celebrations and even official events. They are beautiful and happen to be the top-selling cut flower in the world after cut roses. There are three quality classes of grading these flowers, A1, A2 and A3 and some of these criteria include the flowers being free of Leaf Miner and the diameter of a fully opened flower.

Storage is done according to their weight, length and maturity and, growers are generally responsible for providing grading information. They are typically available either as mono-bunches or mixed bouquets and are frequently put in plastic bags or flower boxes for export across the world. The standard packaging requirements for these flowers include packaging in a sleeve for each bunch, a minimum of five stems in each bunch and have 80 items per box (about 40g).

It is usually recommended to find florists with a good reputation in order to guarantee the quality of South Africa chrysanthemums to purchase. Europe offers South Africa the greatest market for these flowers and some of the countries that import several of them include the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy.

The availability of these flowers is all year round with growing done between September and December and, March and June. Sufficient light is a necessity for their growth although, it is best to avoid direct sunlight. They flower from spring through autumn in South Africa, and this period ranges between September and June.

They can sometimes grow up to 90cm in length and, they require regular watering of twice a week. The soil has to be damp throughout their growth period and requires temperatures of not more than 20°C in order to grow well.

The flowers are usually harvested in the period between September and June, and in South Africa, they are available all year round. Harvesting involves removing the stems of flowering plants and a stripping machine is used to smoothen them and remove any thorns. This happens on a sorting table where their respective lengths, weight and maturity can also be determined.

They are then packed into plastic bags in bunches while those specifically for export can be packaged in cardboard boxes specifically prepared for this purpose. In-door storage temperatures should not exceed 18°C and, they are exported to other countries in the world, primarily in Europe. Important events such as holidays on the continent determine the regularity of export of the flowers from South Africa.

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