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Packing 250g cans, Packed as per clients specifications
Storage -4 degrees Celsius
Size50-300cm, 10-600 kgs
AvailabilityAugust, September, October, November
Transport Conditions -4 degrees Celsius
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Somalia waters are a great host to one of the most nutritious fish, swordfish. The swordfish, from its name, has a long bill that looks like a sword. They love grouping themselves in a class hence making it easier for fishermen to capture them.

When mature, a swordfish can weigh up to 1400 pounds. The Somalia swordfish is blue in colour with a white bottom hence making it blend so well from the upper part of the water. The fish are distributed almost uniformly at the Somali shoreline, therefore, making their fishing convenient.

Commercial Somalia swordfish fishing began in the 1970s. This has been going on until 2018 when the Somalia government signed a swordfish fishing contract with the Chinese government. This was in a bid to regulate fishing and curb illegal foreign vessels that cause millions of losses every year to the Somali government.

Swordfish is a sole member of its family Xiiphiidae hence there are not any known varieties available.

Fresh swordfish are available all year round. However, the peak is during the months of August, September, October and November. However, research has it that most swordfish are shipped away by foreign trawlers who deny the country fisheries revenue every year.

Swordfish is often harvested by the long line, hook and line, gillnet, and harpoon fishery. The fishermen require a valid permit and also are required to use proper equipment. A mature swordfish weighs up to 650 kgs and is over 300 kgs heavy. This makes it great for making fish fillets for canning and also for export. Freshly harvested swordfish is stored at 4 degrees Celsius under aerobic packaging with thyme oil. This is to extend the shelf life of the fish. For value addition, the swordfish fillets are baked and canned ready for export. However, swordfish is also exported live. They are packed in sealed polyethene bags filled with water and oversaturated with oxygen to increase their survival to their destination. Live swordfish is mainly transported through the air due to their shelf life. 

The largest international importer of swordfish from Somalia is the UAE. However, Kenya imports a significant number of swordfish from Somalia locally. This has greatly boosted trade between the two countries. This is one of the most significant revenue income for the Somali government. The greatest platform for buying Somalia swordfish is here. Welcome for the best deals and market for the famous fish, right from the shoreline of the Indian ocean in Somalia to you. 

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