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Varieties Bluefin, yellowfin, Skipjack, Albacore
Packing 250g cans, Fish crates of 20kgs each
Storage -4 degrees
Size25 to 1600 pounds
Season May, June, July, September
Transport Conditions -4 degrees
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Somalia tuna fishing is a significant part of both foreign and domestic catch in Somalia waters. Also known as Tunny, it is a saltwater fish belonging to the mackerel family. It is a sleek and streamlined fish. It has two close dorsal fins on its back giving it its characteristic look.

In 1930, Italians built two tuna canneries on the Somalia north shore. This greatly acted as an excellent boost for commercial fishing. However, an official fishing license was granted to foreign vessels to exploit tuna off its coast in 24th December 2018. This was in a bid to improve the economic growth of the country. Somalia waters are considered as one of the most significant tuna fishing areas globally. This is due to their coastline, which is the longest in Africa stretching up to 3,330 km. 

There are four major varieties of Somalia tuna, these include;

  1. Bluefin tuna
  2. Yellowfin tuna
  3. Skipjack tuna
  4. Albacore tuna

Bluefin tuna: This is the most common type of tuna. It has more fat and flavour than other varieties. Its flesh is usually dark red in colour, more purple. The largest Bluefin tuna recorded weighed 1600 pounds.

Yellowfin tuna: It is also known as ahi tuna; this is a deep pink fish with a strong flavour. It is the cheapest variety as it is more readily available than other types. It weighs approximately half of the Bluefin. 

Skipjack tuna: From its name, skipjack tuna likes to jump over the ocean surface. It generally has the strongest flavour and the highest fat content. It is the smallest of the tuna species and weighs approximately 25 pounds  

Albacore: This has the mildest flavour with very light flesh. It is said to contain high mercury levels, and it’s not recommended for pregnant women and children. 

Tuna fishing season in Somali is guided by monsoon winds that occur mostly between May and September. This is the high season for commercial tuna fishing. After fishing, tuna is grouped according to its size and weight. It is then cleaned, frozen and packed in metal containers for transportation. Alternatively, the smaller pieces are baked and preserved, and then they are canned for export.

Somalia exports most of its tuna to china through the port of Kismayu. This is one of the greatest sources of revenue to the Somalia government.

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