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Produce Angola Shrimp
Varieties Striped red shrimp Deep water rose shrimp Caramote shrimp
Common Names Prawns
Packing Nylon wrappers Wooden palettes
Size 2 cm – 25 cm
Availability (Season) Throughout the year
Transportation Conditions Temperature average of -30°C
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Statistics indicate that the fisheries industry contributes about 2% of the national Gross Domestic Product in Angola. Fishing is at the epicenter of Angola, providing livelihoods for more than 100,000 residents. Angola Shrimp farming forms a critical part of the fisheries industry in Angola. 

A shrimp is a ten-legged crustacean characterized by an elongated body and long whiskers. There are thousands of different species of shrimp, and they inhabit a broad scope of habitats. 

Archaeological evidence suggests that the first trace of shrimp was back in 600 AD in the North American region. 

More than 7 million tons of shrimp are produced every year around the world. Estimates show that the shrimp industry now grosses over $50 billion annually. 

Angola has a coastline of more than 1,650 kilometers, which guarantees a lot of shrimp catching spaces for fishers. Fishing on a large scale is undertaken by forming joint ventures composed of locals and companies from other countries. 

The fishing of shrimp in Angola is superbly run supported by government regulations, which ensure quality and continuity of the industry. 

Most of the shrimp caught in Angola is primarily for the export market. Angola shrimp is mostly found in the Namibe and Benguela provinces, which benefit from the Benguela current. 

Angola shrimp species include;

Aristeus varidens – This variety is also commonly known as striped red shrimp. 

Parapenaeus longirostris – This shrimp species is also called deep water rose shrimp

Penaeus kerathurus – Also known as the caramote prawn. 

Shrimp in Angola is available throughout the year. 

Temperature and food availability are some of the significant determinants of where to find shrimp. Based on temperature, there are warm water and cold-water shrimps. 

Bottom trawling is the primary method used to catch shrimp in Angolan sea waters. Marine shrimp in Angola can be found in depths of up to 5000 meters. 

Once caught, the shrimp is, in most cases, frozen to keep it fresh and reduces instances of foodborne diseases. Nylon wrappers are used to wrap the shrimp or wooden pallets. 

About 500,000 tons of Angolan shrimp was exported to various destinations around the world in 2018. 

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