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Produce Angola Prawns
Varieties King Tiger Banana
Common Names Shrimp (In some parts of the world)
PackingPolyethylene bags
Size 1 cm – 30 cm
Availability (season) Throughout the year
Transportation Conditions Controlled temperatures of -30°C
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Angola prawns are highly valuable to the fishermen of Angola since they fetch great prices, and they can also be used as bait to net other seafood. 

A prawn or Penaeus monodon is an aquatic crustacean belonging in the order of decapods, which is a result of their ten legs. Prawns are related to other more known seafood, such as crabs and lobsters. Prawns are found in deep, calm waters that are conducive for laying of eggs. 

The first evidence of prawns dates back to the 14th century. It is not clear where the first sighting happened, but England is credited as the origin of prawns. Prawns have an average lifespan of one to a maximum of three years. 

In Angola, the fishery industry is vital; only oil and diamond mining are more valuable. The success of this industry is made possible by coastline, which is more than 1,500 kilometers long. Areas such as Luanda and Bengo in Angola also have inland aquaculture facilities, which are another source of prawns.In most cases, prawns in Angola are harvested by semi-large sea vessels. Around 25,000 locals in Angola depend on the fisheries industry. Angola exports over 25,000 tons of fisheries every year, prawns being among the top. 

The following are some of the types of prawns in Angola; 

  • Tiger prawn
  • King prawn
  • Banana prawn

The tiger variety is one of the most common in Angola. The tiger prawn can survive in a diverse range of marine ecosystems. This variety was introduced in Angola back in the 1980s. It is considered at the center of the scale in taste, but it is big and hence gives good returns to fishermen. 

Since most of the Angolan prawns are harvested from the sea, they are available throughout the year. 

Prawns do well in the areas around the tropics. Various prawn varieties also excel in cold or warm waters. In Angola, most of the prawns are warm water prawns with temperatures of 15° C to around 27°C. 

Angola fishermen fish for prawns when the sun is rising since the warm temperatures increase the prawns’ movements. Once caught, the prawns are moved to the nearby cooling facilities. Packaging of prawns is done in air-tight containers to keep them fresh. Plastic containers are used to pack the prawns. 

Angola prawns are mainly exported to countries such as Japan and Spain. 

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