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Produce Angola Crabs
Varieties Portunus trituberulatus Geryon Maritae
Common Names Crabs
Packing Palettes
Size 1 cm – 40 cm
Availability (Season) Throughout the year
Transportation Conditions Temperatures of -30°C
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Angola crabs industry accounts for around 5% of the annual Gross Domestic Product. Crustaceans like crabs make up a significant percentage of the fisheries industry in Angola. It is estimated that more than 100,000 Angolans are involved in the fisheries sector in the country.

Angola crabs are a short decapod crustacean with a thick skeleton and a pair of pincers or claws. There are more than 800 species of crabs known to man. 

Crabs can be found in saltwater, freshwater, or even brackish water. Research shows that crabs are social and work together to get food and during mating cycles. 

Crabs can be found in freshwater and all the oceans in the world. Crabs are mostly found in tropical regions. Worldwide, nearly 20% of all crustaceans consumed are crabs. 

Estimates indicate that the seafood industry in Angola grows by an average of 5% annually. 

The Benguela current at the coast of Angola brings up cold air, which is full of nutrients that bring most of the crabs caught along the coast. 

The Benguela, Namibe, and Luanda provinces are some of the regions that produce the most copious amounts of crabs in Angola. In Angola, most of the crabs belong to the genus Potamonautes. 

The following are some of the types of crabs found in Angola.

Portunus trituberulatus – This is the more popular crab variety accounting for a fifth of all crabs caught in Angola. 

Geryon maritae-This variety is among the first to be caught in the Angola coastline. It is relatively more prominent in size and has a great taste. 

 The season of crabs in Angola lasts throughout the year. Crabs are mostly found near the coastline, although they can also live in subtidal zones. 

The sea crabs in Angola are mostly found in areas which are 400m to 900m deep. 

The crabs are frozen quickly after being caught to keep them fresh. Bottom trawling, where a large net attached with heavy weights is dragged on the ocean floor, is the preferred method of catching crabs in Angola. Crabs in Angola are packaged in wooden palettes. 

The main export markets for crabs caught in Angola are countries such as South Korea and Indonesia. In 2017, the exports were valued at $1.5 million, representing a 17% increase

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