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We provide high quality Mozambique pigeon peas to the local and international market. We source them from small holder family growers in the country.

The pigeon-pea is a grain legume crop that is very important crop in the rural areas where it is grown for consumption, a supplement the range of food crops available as well as a source of income. For institutions like schools, it is an affordable source of proteins and fiber. The pigeon peas play a crucial role in the economy of Northern and Central Mozambique as it has over two million small scale farmers growing it as a cash crop. It is fully embraced in these regions as it requires low farming inputs for it to produce. It is also pest resistant and can survive in drought like conditions. Though, it needs to be watered during its flowering as that would impact the yield.

It was domesticated in India at least 3500 years ago and since then has become a widely consumed crop in Asia, America as well as Africa. It was introduced in Mozambique about 1600 BC by the Portuguese. Mozambique is the top producer of the pigeon peas in the continent closely followed by Tanzania with most of the pigeon peas being exported to India. Last year, Mozambique exported 170000 tons which corresponded to about 125 million USD.

Pigeon peas have quite a number of benefits to the farmers. They are grown as food security crop. They are a good source of proteins as well as Vitamin B. For farmers who practice bee keeping, the flowers tend to attract bees because of their colors. The stems, leaves and flowers are also used nutritious animal fodder. Once they dry, the whole plant could be used for mulching.

We mainly source our Mozambique pigeon peas from Zambezia and Nampula provinces which are the most populated in the country. They grow it in land of about 2 acres or less that help in proper management. Some of them inter crop the plant with vanilla and maize. Another advantage of the small land size is that it will be uneconomical for the farmers to apply chemical sprays.

The Mozambique pigeon peas are harvested on the third or fourth month after they have been planted. We look for plants that have wilted as that is the main sign of maturity and whose pods have turned greenish-brown with seed bulges. We use handmade sickles to hold the stalk of the pod and pluck it by the free hand. The collected pods are then transferred immediately to the sorting shed for both hulling and sorting.

They are sorted based on how healthy they appear as well as the uniformity of the seeds. When sorting, we go for the healthiest seeds that have no sign of pest or disease infestation. We also leave any that have been discolored. After the sorting, the seeds are ready for packing.

We pack the Mozambique pigeon peas in crate and flat cartons. The lowest we use measure 9.5 kilograms. For the flexible alternatives, they start at 12 kilograms with 15 kilograms being the maximum. We also have bulk container solutions where we use polyurethane bags that are a standard of either 25 or 50 kilograms of the produce. We display Clear descriptions of the produce, quantity, country of origin as well as destination on the top of the boxes or sacks.

We store Mozambique pigeon peas to designate a cool, dry environment with ample ventilation. We ensure that moisture content less than 14% is retained in the seeds thus ensuring fresh delivery to the destination. We mainly use air driers to lower down the moisture content to less than 18%

We then transport the Mozambique pigeon peas at the low temperature of 10 to 14 degrees Celsius using our special trucks that are equipped with modified environment interiors. We are unique with our services as we assure you quality and promptness when we deliver. Your order will get to your destination in a day or two after ordering.

If you would therefore like to get this grain legumes after being freshly shelled and dried, then our Mozambique pigeon peas are what you should be looking at. We source the produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified regions of the country. We also ensure that we deal with a large pool of farmers hence were able to meet up to your quantity needs not to mention that we have the best price margin in the region. Don’t hesitate to order from us today!

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