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We provide high-quality Mozambique kidney beans to the local and export market. We source our Mozambique kidney beans from family growers in the country.

The kidney bean is a variety of the common beans that was named after its virtual resemblance to the kidney in terms of shape and color. The most common variety of the kidney bean which is the red kidney bean is often mistaken for other types of red beans despite the difference in shape. Mozambique produces an average of about 200000 tons of beans per year. Bean farming in Mozambique has helped close the malnutrition gap as they are mainly grown in the rural areas. To add to that, it acts as a source of income as well as food security to the locals.

India is the chief importer of the country’s beans with it importing about 75% of the total beans produced. The kidney beans are a common delicacy in the India where they are served with fried rice. In the southern regions of the continent, we can say that Mozambique is the largest grower of legumes. The country grows all varieties of the kidney beans which are the red kidney beans which are the most popular, the white kidney beans, white speckled kidney beans and the red speckled kidney beans.

The kidney beans are among the most significant sources of dietary fiber globally as they contain the total daily value of dietary fiber which aids in digestion. The beans are also packed with other essential minerals such as 45% of the daily value of iron, 20% of vitamin B-6, Potassium at 40% and the lowest count is vitamin C which is at about 7% of the daily value.

We source our Mozambique kidney beans from small holder farmers all over the country in the rural and semi urban areas but mainly in the central regions of the country because they offer a substantial margin of our requirements. Our main focus are the small holder farmers with an acre or less as they mainly use organic means of farming and do not rely on chemical sprays.

The Mozambique kidney beans are harvested after 100to 120 days after the planting date. Important note is that the beans are harvested as dry shell produce that’s why they stay for that long in the farms. AS for those that have not attained maturity, they are left off hence no immature beans gets to our client.

For the Mozambique kidney beans that are still green, we do not remove them from the shell but instead sell them like that. We ship them by air as they are categorized as fresh produce so that they can get to our clients on their fresh state. Since we source our kidney beans from small holders, the beans are also threshed by hand means. The beans are unzipped from their pods which come off easy as the pods are already dry. At this point, the sorting is done where we separate the healthy beans from the ones with defects. Also it is at this point that we get rid of chaff, rocks and weevils.

We pack our Mozambique kidney beans in standard boxes, crates or baskets. Our common ones weigh 7, 11 and 14 kilograms although we may alter this to the clients’ specifications. This is for the shelled kidney beans. For the unshelled green types, we use from 2 kilogram carton. Each carton we use has a film lining so as to reduce further dehydration

We store Mozambique kidney beans at temperatures of below 2° Celsius. This ensures a dry but well-moisturized environment for at least half a year. We also transport the Mozambique kidney beans at the same temperatures using our special purpose trucks to the airport in Maputo ready for shipping. For the shelled fresh beans, we recommend storing for at least two weeks or immediate consumption as they’ll still have their fresh taste.

Therefore, if you seek to find high quality kidney beans from the southern regions of the continent, then we’d recommend Mozambique. Do not hesitate to order from us as we assure you quality and quantity. More to that, we source them from farmers with certified with Good Agricultural Practices hence 100% organic. We also ensure that you get them at the best prices. Start by making an order today!

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