• Mozambique Kidney Beans
  • Mozambique Kidney Beans
  • Mozambique Kidney Beans
  • Mozambique Kidney Beans

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Varieties Red kidney beans, light speckled kidney beans, Red speckled kidney beans, white kidney beans
Common Names Phaseolus vulgaris
Packing 90 kgs,500g cans
Size 1cm
Availability/Seasons May
Transportation conditions 30 degrees
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 Mozambique kidney beans (phaseolus Vulgaris) is a common type of small reddish-brown beans characterized by its visual resemblance to the kidney, hence its name. They are eaten as vegetables. 

 Mozambique kidney bean is a delicacy in many homesteads and is used in stews or cooked together with raw maize. They have a sweet flavour and light texture and are eaten all over the world.

Mozambique kidney bean pod is long, very narrow, and green with a minimum of 3 seeds and a maximum of 8 seeds inside. The legumes are mainly composed of proteins, carbs, and a great source of fibre.

Mozambique kidney beans are believed to have originated in Peru and were cultivated 8000 years ago. They later distributed to the rest of the world and to Mozambique in the 1900s.  Raw or improperly cooked kidneys beans are toxic and can cause food poisoning. 

There are four varieties of Mozambique kidney beans, namely:

Red kidney beans: – these are non-speckled and have a dark red colour, they are the most common type of kidney beans 

Light speckled kidney beans:- these are long-grained beige, pink or red and have a slightly sweet taste, hence also known as sweet beans  

Red speckled kidney beans:- these are red with white speckled; they have a less sweet taste compared to light speckled  

White kidney beans:– these are white and are known for starch blocking hence used to facilitate weight loss

 Mozambique kidney beans require a sunny environment with soil rich in minerals; they are planted2 inches deep in the soil and will start germinating in less than ten days. Kidney beans will take about 100 days to mature fully for harvesting. They can be harvested as soon as the pods fill out, and the individual beans swell.

Mozambique kidney beans are cultivated during the spring season i.e., February and March.

They are sensitive to waterlogging hence do not require much rainfall. As the summer season comes to an end, the plants begin to wither and are left to dry. Once fully dried, they are ready for harvest.

They are packed into 90kg bags ready for commercial sale or family consumption. They can also ben canned with preservatives and packed into cartons ready for export. Kidney beans are stored at room temperature on a dry surface to avoid rotting and moulding. 

  Mozambique kidney beans’ main importers include the USA, Canada, Argentina, and china.

You are welcome to use this platform to import kidney beans from Mozambique. 


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