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Selina Wamucii provides high quality Kenya cashew nuts to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Kenya cashew nuts from family growers from the country.

Kenya cashew nuts are some of the traditional crops that grow mainly in the coastal region of the country for processing. They come from the cashew apple tree that features the seeds at the lowest end of the big yellow fruit above it. The shells are usually curved and triangular even when they have undergone processing. The origin of the 12 to 14-meter high tree may have been in the tropical climate of Brazil’s northeast, but it is now exotic to Africa.

The cashew nut contains high value nutrition. For each seed there is a magnesium content of 73 percent of the daily value for strong bones and better metabolism. The dietary fiber composition is 13 percent of the daily value while iron comes at 37 percent of the daily requirements for enhanced transportation of oxygen in blood. The protein daily value per serving is 36 percent.

We source Kenya cashew nuts from the coastal belt of Kenya in areas like Taita. Most local family growers have their nuts ready between January and March each year, after the flowering period of November through December. They grow about ten trees per every acreage of their land.

Before packing Kenya cashew nuts, we process their oil through a kernel loading machine. Once the shells enter into the chute that has hot blown air, they go through a sieve. The sieve separates the shells from any foreign particles that are lighter than them, including dust and leaves.

The next process involves the steam roasting of the outer kernel. We boil the Kenya cashews nuts in a deep drum for about twenty minutes. We then remove them once ready and dry them for the next full day for ease of cutting the shells in the next stage in the warehouse. The third step involves peeling the inner membrane covering the hidden white content of the nuts. We again use the oven to soften she shells and then each of the nuts undergoes hand-shelling to retain only the white content.

The final step is that of grading the processed cashew nuts, which are now only in the form of white, oil-rich seed. We usually sort into 9 grades inclusive of size, white color and texture. We usually grade according to the accepted international guidelines. After choosing the best and the least in the highest and lowest grades, respectively, we the feature them one last time in the oven for crisp enhancement of the color right before packing.

We pack Kenya cashew nuts in bulk square tins of 35 pounds or about 11.3 kilograms for Europe and the Middle-east. We also go for smaller containers of a maximum 10 kilograms with airtight top covers for conserving the moisture content to around 8 percent of the dry nut.

Each of our tin packets comes with a vacuum interior with only Co2 as an inactive gas for doing away with any infection. We then seal the tins with airtight material that is free of any toxic metal. This can extend the shelf life of the produce for several months.

We also pack the Kenya cashew nuts in plastic bags that are internationally accredited. These come with polyurethane interiors for the conservation of the nuts.

We store the nuts with a moisture content of at least 8%. We then transport them to the airport when they are fully crisp and processed using controlled interior environment trucks. You can expect the shipment to reach your destination in a day or two depending on your part of the world.

In short, if you require processed Kenya cashew nuts any time from now, you have got the right supplier. At Selina Wamucii, we source our local nuts from farming belts of the country with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) accreditations. None of our nuts receives any additives and as the clear label show, they are 100 percent pure. You can choose the quantity that suits your exact needs. As for budget, our prices are quite fair and reflect the lower scale of the market. Make an order today!

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