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VarietiesWhite/natural sesame seeds. Black sesame seeds
Packing 25kg pp bags, 90 kg Gunny bags
Size 1mm-3mm
Season May –June planting October-November harvesting
StorageIn a cool, dry place Temperature below 18 degrees Celsius
Transport ConditionsBelow 18 degree Celsius, cool, dry place.
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Chad is one of the leading suppliers of sesame seeds in the world. Sesame is among the oldest cultivated crop in the world. It is a plant which grows up to 50 cm-100 cm tall with opposite leaves 4 cm-14 cm. The flowers may vary in colours. The sesame seed occurs in different colours depending on the cultivar, and the most traded one is off-white coloured. Black and white sesame seeds are grown in central and southern. The sesame seeds can be used as natural oil and feed for poultry because of its high proteinase’s nature. Sesame indicium L is a flowering plant.

It is native to sub-Saharan Africa. Archaeologists trace it to originate from Indian. Apart from Chad, sesame seeds are also grown in Egypt, Tanzania, Ethiopia, China and Sudan. It was introduced to Chad by the Arab trader in the nineteenth century.

Sesame seeds have the highest content of oil with a rich, nutty flavour and a common ingredient in cuisines all over the world.

Chad sesame seeds industry in chad has been growing extensively over the years. The country produces over 158,715 tons of sesame seeds annually and exports 85% of the produce. Sesame seeds give a monetary expansion of $24.13 million annually. Export of Chad sesame has improved the economy of the country.

Chad has two varieties of sesame that it grows;

  • White/natural sesame seeds-they is in the purest natural form. Sesame seeds have a very rich flavour and texture and are the most used sesame seeds around the world. 
  • Black sesame seeds-they are the most nutritious variety of sesame seeds. Black sesame seeds cure many kinds of infectious diseases. These seeds have zinc and calcium due to which they provide the prevention of many health conditions.

Sesame is grown in the southern and central Chad. The central zone, such as the Sahelian region, receives an annual rainfall of 350-800 mm and its temperatures are above 23 degree Celsius. The southern region is cool and dry because of River N’djamena. Both regions have a well-drainage system, fertile soil of medium texture and neutral PH.

The harvest of Chad sesame seeds begins when the pods have changed colour brownish-yellow. The labourers slash the plant at the base. They then convey the pods to the threshing point in the baskets. Sesame seeds are removed by use of a rolling pin or by a threshing machine 

The seeds then placed in the cleansing tank. Once this is over the seeds are roasted at temperatures less than 12%. The Chad sesame seeds stored in a cool, dry place. 

Chad sesame seeds are exported according to the amount in tonnes or kilograms required by the customer. They are transported to the airport of N’Djamena by designed trucks and stored in specialized warehouses waiting for transport to the international markets.

Chad avails the best sesame seeds and if you require the best seeds do not hesitate to make your order from Chad since delivery is all over the world. 




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