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Produce Burkina Faso Sesame Seeds
Common Name Sessamum indicum, benne
Size 50-100cm tall plant, 4-14cm leaves, 3mm by 2mm by 1mm seed
Variety Pure white, white, organic
Season Sowing beginning of July, harvest end of the year
Storage and Packing 50% humidity, 6% moisyture,18c degrees Celsius temperature, polyfoils, 50 kg standard jute bags, 25 kg standard polythene bags, airtight containers
Transport Conditions Clean, well-ventilated containers, away from strong smell, sesame oil in thermal insulated containers
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Sesame seeds are the most exported agricultural produce after cotton with Asia being the leading market for Burkina Faso sesame seeds.

Sesame seeds come from the sesame plant. This plant is a flowering plant that grows naturally in tropical regions across the world that is grown for its edible seeds. Other plants belong to the Sessamum family and look almost like the sesame plant. They are found in some parts of Africa and India. 

Sesame seed is said to be one of the most ancient oil-seed crop man ever knew. It is originally from India, but most of its subspecies are known to grow wildly in the sub-Saharan regions of Africa. This crop was first domesticated around 5500 years ago

Sessamum Indicum is known for its numerous health benefits and uses in the cosmetic industry. It is used as a spice in the preparation of different cuisines around the world and can be eaten raw, roasted or cooked as in dishes

The sesame plant is a short shrub that grows between 50 centimetres and 100 centimetres is characterized by long broad leaves that are about four by fourteen centimetres with a margin that runs entirely through them. Sesame seeds are thin, flat and oval in shape. They are 4mm long by 2mm wide and bout 1mm thick

Farmers in Benin begin sowing at the beginning of July during the rainy season. They are then harvested towards the end of the year right after the plants turn yellow. They are harvested and dried for a few weeks. The seeds are then separated.

There are three main types of Burkina Faso sesame seeds;

Organic sesame: this type of sesame is grown naturally without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They produce a relatively stronger, more unique taste as compared to the others. Its seeds are golden brown.

White sesame: this variety is the most valuable and is mostly produced for commercial use. It is tiny and full of flavour and health benefits. Its seeds are white.

Pure white sesame: this type is characterized by large, pure white grains. It is mostly used for baking and confectionery. Its quality, however, is lower than that of the white sesame seed.

Sesame seeds should be stored in a cool, dry place. Their shelf life is about three months if not refrigerated but will last up to six months or more if it is stored in a fridge or a freezer. An optimum humidity of 50% with moisture levels of 6% is ideal conditions for the storage of these seeds. Always ensure you store your seeds at a temperature of about 18 degrees Celsius.

Sesame seeds are stored in airtight containers to prevent the absorption of strong odour from the environment. They are packed in polyfoils, polythene bags and jute bags to await shipping and marketing.

It is vital to ensure the packaging materials carefully during loading and handling to avoid tearing. If a tear occurs, ensure it is fixed immediately. This is because tearing leads to a lot of spillage s the seeds are too small. They should be transported in clean, well-ventilated containers away from other goods that emit strong odours.

Sesame oil should be transported in the form of heated liquid using thermal ventilated containers and trucks. This is to maintain its quality and its ability to be pumped

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