• Burkina Faso Cashew Nuts
  • Burkina Faso Cashew Nuts
  • Burkina Faso Cashew Nuts
  • Burkina Faso Cashew Nuts

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Varieties W240,W180,W320,W450
Packing Vacuum packed in transparent 25 kg poly sacks, also boxes and cartons Also available 90kg sacks
Storage cool and dry conditions for the packets, away from any wetness
Size 10mm-20mm
Availability Between February and May
Transport Conditions 10-20 days in cool and dry conditions
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Burkina Faso cashew nuts are the third largest export product from the country, highlighting the importance of the crop to the country. Africa remains the largest supplier of cashew nuts across the world and, Burkina Faso plays a significant role in this process. The product comes from the cashew tree Anacardium occidentale and the resulting cashew nut can be consumed on its own.

Cashew nuts are used extensively, from making cheese, cashew butter and even used in several recipes. The tree for the plant is a tropical evergreen that produces both the cashew apple and the cashew nut. In Burkina Faso, approximately 85,000 tonnes was produced from four regions in the country; Centre-Ouest, Cascades, Sud-Ouest and Hauts-Bassins.

The other parts of the plant are equally important because they have different uses. For instance, the shell of the cashew seed can help in manufacturing paints, lubricants and even waterproofing materials. The final product is usually stored in sacks, particularly for export, but is available in smaller quantities for small-scale use.

The tree is native to northeast Brazil despite the importance that Africa now plays in its export, particularly Burkina Faso. It was first introduced in the country by the Portuguese around 1565 and, it has continued to play a vital role in the agricultural sector. The nut has excellent nutritional value and has become widely popular in several countries around the world.

The tree grows in the tropics between 25°S and 25°N in hot, lowland areas. The tree can grow in hot and arid conditions, making it suitable within Burkina Faso because the temperatures are appropriate for the growth of the tree. Dwarf cashew trees can grow up to 6 meters while the traditional tree can grow up to 14 meters.

The plant does not require sustained rainfall to grow, making it the perfect plant in hot and arid areas. The optimum growth temperatures range between 63°F and 100°F and require a relative humidity of 70%. Since the plant is drought resistant, soil moisture does not have to be regulated.

The main varieties of cashew nuts in Burkina Faso are the raw cashew nuts and kernel cashew nuts.

The process of harvesting takes place when the apple turns reddish or pink and, the nut turns grey. Also popular in Burkina Faso, farmers can let the fruit fall on the ground by its own and, the nut is collected by twisting it from the apples by hand. It is work that requires a lot of labour and a critical source of employment in the agricultural sector in the country.

They can be stored for up to two years without them rotting as long as it is done so in cool and dry conditions. The nuts are packaged in transparent poly sacks and sent throughout the world for consumption.

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