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Produce Somalia live sheep
Varieties Berbera blackhead
Common names Berbera blackhead
Packing 1000 per truck
Size 80kgs
Availability All year round
Transportation conditions 30 degrees
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Somalia live sheep are white with a blackhead. It is mainly used for meat production and is a significant source of income from the export. 

It is also known as Berbera Blackhead. It has a black coat, and the fur regularly changes in Autumn. Somali sheep fat accumulation forms around the tail base and acts as a reservoir for the dry season.

Somalia live sheep weighs up to 80kgs and grows up to 20 years old. The sheep feeds on grass, herbs, buds, and shoots. This type of sheep does not grow wool-like other types but instead grows hair. It is adaptive to the hot Somali weather, hence tolerates heat better.

Somalia’s sheep are hornless. The female sheep know n as ewe while the male sheep is known as a ram. They only gestate for five months hence can give birth to lambs more than once a year.

Somalia’s sheep history goes back to 10000BC in Mesopotamia; it then spread to different parts of the world. Sheep is among the first animals to be domesticated by human beings -mainly raised for fleece, meat, and milk.

The wool was harvested by shearing and used as animal fiber and also in the manufacture of clothing. The flesh of mature Somalia sheep is known as mutton, while that of immature sheep is known as a lamb. There are estimated to be over 1000 sheep breeds worldwide.

Somalia sheep is of one type only and is characterized by a fat tail. The sheep reproduce within themselves and multiply locally.

Somalia Sheep are seasonal breeders, although Somali sheep breed all year round. Female sheep(ewe) reach sexual maturity at the age of 8 months, while males only take 4 to six months.

Somalia sheep’s daily intake includes about three times of their total body weight. Their feeds include all types of shrubs, herbs, and grasses apart from hay.

Breeding time for rams is usually checked by the testicle size. Enormous testicle size is a good indication of the ram’s sperm-producing ability. Mating usually occurs using one ram per group of a ewe. A ram to ewe ratio of 1:25.

Once mature, Somalia rams are ready for slaughter and are packed in trucks prepared for transport. Somalia exports a total of USD 300M yearly in sheep trade. The country is estimated to have 14M heads of sheep, which is one of its greatest export.

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