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Produce Somalia live goats
Varieties Long-eared Somalia goat, short-eared Somalia goat, Somalia Arab goat
Common names Abgal,boran,Borana,deghier,deg yer,Galla,modugh,Ogaden
Packing 1000 goats per truck
Size 50kgs
Availability All year round
Transportation conditions 30 degrees
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Somalia live goat is a breed from Somalia, and Northeast Kenya primarily reared for their milk and meat production. They are usually characterized by short ears and hair. They are mostly white with black or brown spots. They are adapted to arid areas hence are drought tolerant.

These goats are renewable providers of milk and manure when alive, then providers of meat and hide when dead.

 Somalia live goat is short bodied with cloven hooves and large horns. When milked female Somalia goats produce up to 3kgs of milk daily. It is considered as the milk queen of Somalia since it produces a lot of milk despite the hardship.

Somalia live goat was first founded by Yusuf Ali in the 19th century in central Somalia. The earliest traces of domestic goats dates from 10,000years ago in Iran. The male goats are called Billys because of their beards, while females are called Ewe.

There are three types of Somalia goats, namely:

  1. Long-eared Somalia goats
  2. Short-eared Somalia goats
  3. Somalia Arab goats

Long-eared Somalia goats: These are descendants of the Somali Arab goats which are native to Saudi Arabia.

Short-eared Somali goats: These are smaller in size than the long-eared and is mostly white in color. They have short coat hair.

Somalia’s goat are mature for breeding from 8 months. The female goats carry a pregnancy for 147 days. After giving birth, they come to heat again after 21 days hence reproduce often.

Somalia live goats breed even three times a year, but it is advisable to produce them only once a year for the best breed. The goats are seasonal breeders, which means they go on heat in the month of August to January.

 The breeding ratio of males to females is 1:20. After maturity, male goats are packed in rucks ready for transport while female is left to give birth.

Somalia is recognized globally as the top exporter of live goats followed closely by Sudan and India. Goats export alone totals up to USD 360M yearly, exporting a total of up to 4.6M goats. 

The largest live goat market is Burao and Galkayo. The top importer of Somalia goats internationally is UAE, while in Africa, South Africa is the major importer of Somalia live goats. Goat meat is best preferred to beef hence gaining popularity.

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