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Varieties Dorper, Damara, Karakul, Van Rooy, Blakhead Persian, Meatmaster
Common varieties Dorper, Damara
Packing Shipped according to the number required by the customer, Standard 40 heads per truck
Size Shipped according to the number required by the customer
Season availabilityThroughout the year
Transportation conditions Controlled temperatures below 32 degrees Celsius
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Namibia has over 2.7 million sheep and 2 to 2.6 million goats. The breeds are specially adapted to the harsh climate of the subtropical desert and are of high-quality mutton. Sheep are mainly kept for mutton which is consumed locally and exported.

Namibia has a desert climate characterized by a big difference in night and day temperatures with low rainfall and low humidity. The choice of breeds to be reared in Namibia is dictated by their ability to survive and do well in the harsh climate. 

The major breeds are Dorper, Damara, Karakul, Van Rooy, Meatmaster, and Blakhead Persian

Dorper-The Dorper breed was brought about through research in South Africa in the 1930s by crossbreeding of the Dorset Horn and the Blackhead Persian sheep. It has characteristic blackface and is mainly white while some are black. 

Namibia has about 2 million Dorpers, which is 80% of the sheep in Namibia. They are adapted to survive in harsh environments and have very good maternal instincts and high levels of fertility. They were brought to Namibia in 1964. 

They grow up to 36 kg live weight which produces about 17 kg to 18 kg carcass weight. 

Damara-The breed got its name from where it was first reared, Gross Damaraland. It originates from Egypt and parts of Eastern Asia. The Damara breed gives birth to twins at a rate of 10% of its births. They are found in northwestern Namibia (kaokoland) and southern Angola, do fairly well, including reproduction in harsh climates and poor nutritional.

Karakul-The karakul breed of sheep originated in Central Asia and is named after a city in Bukhara province called Qorako’l. It is renowned for its ability to cope and do well in extremely harsh environments helped by their quality to store fats in their tails. They were brought to Namibia by Germans in the early 20th century. They are kept for meat, wool, milking, and pelts.

Between January and June 2018, 242000 sheep were exported live. The Meat Board of Namibia has continually worked with the farmers to improve Namibia’s market share and improve price for meat and related commodities. Namibia’s world market share is currently at 0.2%.

To export Namibia live sheep exporter needs to be registered as a producer with the Meat Board of Namibia, import permit from the destination country, export permit from veterinary services of Namibia, and Meat Board Export permit.

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