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Varieties Boer goat, Kalahari red goat, Savannah white goat
Season All year round
Grades Based on weight, age and physical appearance. Grade 1- 2-5 years, excellent physical conditions, fat Grade 2- 2-5 years, good physical conditions normal weight Grade 3 - 2-4 years, fair physical conditions, normal body weight
Transport Conditions Well ventilated trucks, disease-free, 40 heads per tuck
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Namibia is recognized as a net exporter of live goats, live sheep and live cattle. The country is the 4th leading exporter of live goats, being home to close to two million goats, with, South Africa and Angola being the leading importers for Namibia live goats. 

Namibia’s current agricultural sector is valued at 500 million USD, which equates to 5% of the countries GDP. Globally, the export value for live goats increased by over 100% doubling to 176million USD in 2018. 

Goats were first domesticated in Asia and Europe and introduced to Africa from South-West Asia. Ever since, goat farming has been a source of livelihood for smallholder farmers in Africa. Namibia is no exception, with over 70% of the total population depending on agricultural activities. 

Goat meat is known for its tenderness and several nutritional benefits. Unlike other red meats, goat meat has low total fats, calories and cholesterol, making it ideal for those who want to stick on a diet and a healthy option to consume regularly. Compared to chicken, goat meat is said to have higher levels of iron! Asides from the nutritional benefits, goats have been kept for milk, skin, FUR, ritual activities and a means of quick cash.

Namibia has both commercial and informal goat markets, where the commercial markets are more centralized, well organized, and prices are predetermined. The informal markets have their prices based on the size, weight, age and physical appearance of the goats and the selling is based on the farmers need. 

Subsistence goat keeping in Namibia is mainly in Kunene, Omusati, Changwena, Kavango, Zambezi and Oshikoto which are the Northern regions of the country. The commercialized farms are in the Central and Southern areas. The northern regions of the country receive approximately 350 mm of rainfall annually and average temperatures of 22 degrees Celcius, goats are known for their survival mechanisms because they naturally feed on shrubs.

The Boer goat is the most common type of goat that is commercially bred, and it is an improved breed that is as a result of selective breeding for over a century, it has fast growth and reproductive rate, with excellent carcass qualities. 

Other varieties of Namibia goats include; the Kalahari Red goat and Savannah white goat. Both the Kalahari and Savannah are similar to the Boer in conformation and size, but the Kalhari red has purely red fur. On the other hand, the Kalahari was bred in adverse conditions hence known to survive any extreme weather conditions. However, all varieties enjoy commercial statuses.

Namibia has a well-developed livestock registration and traceability system that ensures all safety measures are measured when it comes to export of live animals. These measures were put to protect her EU market, and in return also benefitted other importers for Namibia’s livestock. No animal is allowed to move without departure details or a veterinary permit, this way, goats can be traced back to their individual owners or farms. Tags on their ears or tattoos mark them.

Namibia has a foot and mouth free zone, which is where live goats for export come from. In this region, vaccination for brucellosis and anthrax is compulsory, guaranteeing the health standards of the live goats. 

South Africa being the primary market, Namibia live goats are moved by trucks. The trucks are laid with manure or grass to avoid bruising the animals during the transportation period. The animals are loaded on to the vehicles the day of transportation.

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