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Produce Djibouti live sheep
Varieties Live sheep
Packing Spacious trucks
Size Male 35 kg, female 24 kg
Season All year round
Storage Controlled temperatures
Transport conditions Proper trucks and ventilation, no overcrowding
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Djibouti live sheep being a relevantly small country rares a significant amount of livestock. Sheep is the largest export of livestock from Djibouti. The country has a population of roughly 950,000 people and an estimate of 1,000,000 sheep that are locally consumed and exported. The practice of sheep keeping is mostly done in the rural parts of the country by middle-class citizens that keep sheep and livestock and gain their daily income from exporting and selling of sheep locally.

Djibouti live sheep don’t need expensive building structures, in fact, they require less labor than any other livestock in the country. Apart from sheep being the main source of income to Djibouti people, they also help in weed control that is part of their dietary. Sheep mainly produces meat, wool, and manure the three sources of income for the Shephard. Sheep’s meat is referred to as mutton and its meat is known for the nutrient content, its tenderness as well as its delicious taste making food worth the while.

Djibouti live Sheep also produce milk that is great for people that intolerable to cow’s and goat’s milk as well as the production of cheese. Long-distance transportation of sheep in the past years has been very crucial for the export of the livestock, they must be taken care of the right way by being fed, provided with water and each sheep should be given its minimum pen per head.

Adequate ventilation in trailers and trucks is mandatory, the front of the vehicles is required to provide protection from the wind. Sheep should also be transported in a manner in which they are not overcrowded. proper care and treatment of sheep is key. The weight of the sheep for the male is 35 kgs and for female 24 kgs.

Live sheep export is the number one trade done in Djibouti and the country depends on a percentage of the export benefits to contribute to the economy. The export of live sheep is mostly done to the middle east and Djibouti plays a role in contributing to the export.

Sheep’s nutritional content is undisputed. Being rich in vitamin B12, zinc, phosphorus, iron protein among many more minerals that are good for various body functions. 

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