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Produce Djibouti live goat
Varieties Live goat
Packing Spacious trucks
Size Male 30kgs, female 28kgs
Season All year round
Storage Controlled temperatures
Transport conditions Proper trucks, ventilation, no overcrowding, proper treatment
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Djibouti Live Goat is widely known for its magnificent landscapes, and apart from that, the country is also praised for the high-quality livestock they export. Djibouti live goat has quite a small country, and live goat export comes second after live sheep export. Djibouti live goat export plays a relevant role in the economy of the country as well as the citizens of the country to their livelihood

The practice of keeping goat is mainly done by the lower class from the rural parts of the country. Djibouti has a population of 950,000 people, and the number of live goats is 700,000 that is consumed locally and exported annually. Goats are not expensive to keep because they mostly eat weeds; their sheds are simple and easy to construct. Apart from goats improving the economy of Djibouti by their export trade, they also produce very nutritious milk, manure, and skin, which is used for various purposes that add the advantage to the shepherds.

Goat meat is high in potassium, which is excellent at lowering the risks of stroke, heart and kidney complications as well as lowering high blood pressure .Goat meat also contains B12, which reduces stress and depression. Mutton also contains omega three whose benefits are uncountable and calcium, helping in the strengthening of bones. Goat meat is also tender, and when roasted or cooked in any other method, it leaves the taste buds wanting more. Mutton is delicious and is enjoyed all over the world.

They are exported every year, and the practice is known to be very critical. This is because the export of livestock has to be precise, making sure the goats get to their destination in the best state, unharmed and well. The trucks and trailers that transport the goats have to be inspected, making sure there’s enough ventilation, and the front of the vehicles must have protection from wind. Every goat must be given its minimum pin per head. Treatment of the goats and proper care is considered to be among essential rules.

The recommended weight for male goats is 30kgs while female 28 kgs. exporting has become a practice done daily mainly because of technology, which has made it easy to export and import without too much work involved.

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